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Amy Kritzer

Want to work with Amy of WJWE? I love collaborating with companies for products and causes I am passionate about. Here are just a few ways we can work together. I can also customize packages for you! 

Why work with me? WJWE has a loyal following of Jewish and non-Jewish readers of all ages, who love to eat and celebrate food from all cultures, and Austin locals who trust my opinion. Please email me at amy [at] whatjewwannaeat [dot] com to discuss any opportunities in detail. I’m pumped to work with you!

brandsRecipe Development: I can create unique recipes to highlight your food or related product. I have worked with Ghirardelli,  Imperial Sugar, Nektar Naturals, Sabra, Pereg Gourmet, The Mushroom Channel, Hamilton Beach, Stemilt and more!


Product Reviews/Giveaways: If you have a product, cookbook, service or appliance that fits WJWE and our readers, I would love to host a review or giveaway! Here is an example. Here is one more!

Freelance Writing:  As a culinary school graduate, I write regularly about food and wine for publications such as The Nosher, The Jewish Week, The Austin Chronicle and others and am always looking for new opportunities. Please check out my Press Page for more examples.

Brand Ambassador: An opportunity to have WJWE represent your brand by blog posts, Twitter and Facebook mentions, videos, travel opportunities or even on a press trip. I love to share new products and travel opportunities with WJWE readers!

Advertise on WJWE: Please contact me for rates and details.

Personal Chef/Catering/Cooking Classes: I offer meals, small catering gigs and cooking classes for kids and adults in the Austin area. Contact me for more details!

Brand Events and Sponsored Trips: If your brand is hosting a food event or planning a press trip, I would love to attend, learn about your product or service and share the experience with WJWE readers.

Conferences and Food Events: I would be happy to represent your product or service at a food conference or event and blog, write and photograph it! I am active in social media platforms such as Instagram that would make it fun to share while I am at the event.

Restaurant Reviews: As an Austin, Texas based blogger and culinary student, I love to try new restaurants! If you have a place that you would like me to try out and share with WJWE readers, please contact me!

Please email me at amy [at] whatjewwannaeat [dot] com to discuss any opportunities in detail. I can’t wait to work with you!

Disclosure: I am occasionally compensated to provide my opinion on products, services, and pertinent topics. Although I receive compensation, all opinions are always my own. Girl Scout’s promise!



  1. Sam Smiley says

    Stop stealing middle eastern food and claiming it is Jewish. I don’t see Jews of Russia or Eastern Europe having falafel and hummus back in their part of the world, not until the Zionist occupied Palestine and they moved to Palestine and stealing the Arabs (Christian, Jews and Muslims) receipes and claiming it is Jewish…. Stop forging history

    • says

      Hi Sam,
      Jewish food reflects the history of its people. No one is stealing anything, food evolves. Jews in Israel and Sephardic Jews eat different food than the Ashkenazis of Eastern Europe but it doesn’t make the food any less Jewish. It is only natural to incorporate foods you grew up with with flavors of where you live. That is what makes cooking so fun! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Jacey Taub says

    Sam, you should do a bit more research before you go attacking someone on their website. Your facts are incorrect… I suggest you read this article

    Amy, your reply is stellar! Just one of the many reasons, why I enjoy your blog, newsletter and the rest of your social media as much as I do!!! Keep up the great work!

  3. Antie Moe says

    LOVE your site and your recipes! If you are ever in Dallas, might you consider a pro bono visit/talk/teach with a Sisterhood group? I’m not on the board so I can’t volunteer funds from their budget but I know I personally would LOVE to have you come to TSD in Dallas and share your deliciousness!

  4. says

    Amazing! I love that you are from Austin – so am I! As a Mexican who is also Jewish (and vegan!) I can’t wait to try out your chocolate chili rugelach (with a few vegan mods of course!)

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