What’s a Bubbe?

Bubbe is the Yiddish word for Grandmother. Usually they have flappy arms- not all cute like mine!

Click here for a super fun interview with my Bubbe!

And check out this awesome video where Bubbe and I talk about our Seder!

And here is one more video where I interview Bubbe after her birthday party!

Oh and here is my Mom and Bubbe opening a Mother’s Day gift- it’s a good one!

Here’s my Bubbe with her sassy new haircut.  Isn’t she precious??



  1. Halby Evans says:

    Besides your sparkle for distinctive Jewish food, this might be the best part of the entire website!

  2. Too cute!!

  3. Just added another title to my name!! I am a proud Bubbe!!! Have a bunch of friends that are also!!! But I will not tell then that it means

  4. Pls post more pics of Bubbe.



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