Passover Recipe Recap and WJWE on Bon Appetit!

Happy Pesach, Bloggies! First things first, check out my matzah scallion pancakes on Bon Appetit! Oh yeah! There is a slideshow of other awesome recipes with matzah too- they all look like winners!

Since I have so many Passover friendly recipes up on this blog, I wanted to organize it all in one place for Jew. I updated the recipe page too! Please share your favorite Passover recipes in the comments too! I love to learn new recipes!





  1. Mmmm I saw lox and schmear listed there somewhere and THAT is my fave! Toasted biale with schmear, lox and onions….delish!

  2. Congrats on the Bon Appetit feature! Great roundup :)

  3. Fabulous Recipes! Thanks for all the great inspiration!

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