Manischewitz Sangria

Summer to me is all about friends, BBQs, and general frolicking/merriment. And of course, super fun games. But for some other people (who shall remain nameless), nothing cools you off quite like a chilly beverage or twelve two on a toasty Texas July day. Now this sangria recipe is for my 21+ readers (I barely qualify) so don’t even think about breaking into that Bar Mitzvah stash of Manischewitz. I made it last month for our Post Rapture Brunch to celebrate the world not ending (yay!), and it was a hit! All that was left were a few measly pieces of fruit. The best part is how flexible this recipe is- you can pretty much make it with any booze and fruit you have on hand. And you all keep Manschewitz stocked, right? Thought so.

Here is all you need for your very own Manischewitz sangria concoction. Again, feel free to use whatever booze and fruit you have on hand. Get creative, people!

I went with vodka, and garnished my sangria with plenty of peaches and apples. Grapes, oranges or cherries would be pretty darn tasty too.

First, chop up your fruit into small bite sized pieces. Then, add Manischewitz, lemon-lime soda and liqueur to taste.

What could be easier? If you said nothing, you are correct my friend. You will be imbibing in no time at all. Manischewitz Sangria is best made the day before serving, so the sweet kosher goodness can marinate. But after a glass of this stuff, you will hardly notice the difference.


Manischewitz Sangria
Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: Beverage
Serves: 6 adults (or 2 college students)
  • 1 bottle Manschewitz (I like grape!)
  • 1 can lemon-lime soda
  • 1 cup booze of your choice or to taste (vodka and rum seem like safe bets)
  • Fruit of your choice (apples, oranges, peaches, nectarines, grapes, plums, cherries etc.)
  1. Chop your fruit into bite sized pieces
  2. Put fruit into a large pitcher
  3. Cover fruit with Manischewitz, soda and booze
  4. Stir and let marinate 1-24 hours
  5. Drink up!




  1. says

    OMG this looks beautiful and delicious. It is going to be 97 here tomorrow and humid, or so the weatherperson says….this sangria would help for sure!

  2. Bubbe says

    My dearest granddaughter. I must give you a lesson in the meeting of the Passover Seder, when we drink more Manishewicz than any other holiday. It is all about order and precision. First you cut the apples, then the oranges, the peaches, the nectarines, grapes, plums and cherries (leave out the pits), then you drink like crazy!!!!!!! Mazel


  3. KCBeard says

    This recipe is amazing! I have made it several times following your instructions! I use blackberry Manischewitz, vodka, and Sprite. I use an apple, orange, plum, peach, and nectarine. So good! Thanks for the recipe!


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