Happy Thanksgivukkah!!


Happy Thanksgivukkah, y’all! Best. Holiday. Ever. Hope you had a lovely day filled with food, family and latkes! I guess latkes are food… but I digress. I’m so thankful to have the coolest, funniest, craftiest readers on the block. Y’all are the greatest! I wanted to share a little bit of how we celebrated, and I’d love to hear what y’all did for this once in a lifetime holiday as well!

Beau waits for Hanukkah Harry to get here!

Happy Thanksgivukkah!

I deep fried some latkes in brisket fat. I know!Happy Thanksgivukkah!

Mmmm pie.

Happy Thanksgivukkah!

I hereby make drinking dreidel a thing.

Happy Thanksgivukkah!

The secret to gravy is bourbon, Or is that the secret to life? Happy Thanksgivukkah!

The turkey- she’s glorious!!
Happy Thanksgivukkah!

My now famous Bourbon and Coffee Braised Brisket (illegal in 13 states.)

Happy Thanksgivukkah!

Hope y’all had the happiest day ever!!!

Happy Thanksgivukkah!

And if you missed it, here is my latkes segment that was on KXAN news in Austin!



  1. Nancy Carlton says

    My daughter Elizabeth actually created a tasty treat with left-overs for the next day – mixed shredded (left-over) brisket with (left-over) shredded latka mix to create a brisket/latka, topped with a fried egg over-easy, topped with home-made salsa. Bam!