Pastrami on Rye Pot Stickers

Pastrami on Rye Pot Stickers

I know Christmas is over, but I’ve got a few more Jewish Chinese hybrid recipes for you. Jew are welcome! I’m a Jew who likes Christmas. Though not for the traditional reasons. I mean mistletoe, eggnog and sparkly lights are great and all, but I’m in it for the Chinese food. Like other Chosen People on this lonely day, I indulge in whatever action flick is in the theaters, and as much moo shu and fried rice as I can handle.

Pastrami on Rye Pot Stickers

Growing up, it was all about Cheng Du take out, but these days I make my own. This year I made some pot stickers with a nod to my favorite sandwich- pastrami on rye! Fried and served with a spicy mustard, these are seriously addictive. And the best part is when you are hungry again an hour later, all you have to do is fry a few more! For more about why Jews love Chinese food and for the Pastrami on Rye Pot Stickers recipe, check out The Jewish Week!

Pastrami on Rye Pot Stickers



  1. These Pot Stickers are calling my name, they look delicious!

  2. utter awesomeness..well done

  3. haha Chinese Jewish fusions, love it Amy! I feel the same way about Christmas, but don’t tell my MIL. ;)

  4. coolest idea ever!!! those look amazing!


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