Mushroom Challah Dressing

mushrooms, challah, stuffing, dressing, ThanksgivingWell Thanksgiving is only a week away- are you ready?

mushroom, challah, dressing, stuffing, ThanksgivingI’m ready. If by ready you mean I have a fridge full of mimosa supplies and made a mental note of how many miles I will have to run to negate all the mashed potatoes I plan to eat.

mushroom, challah, dressing, stuffing, Thanksgiving, pareveSadly, I won’t be home in CT this year, but I will be celebrating a vagabond Thanksgiving with my other friends with a fear of holiday travel. I am bringing a piece of Bubbe to Texas, though, with my twist on her Challah Dressing. Check out the recipe for Bubbe’s Mushroom Challah Dressing on The Nosher!

mushroom, challah, dressing, stuffing, Thanksgiving, kosher, pareve

Here are some other tasty WJWE Thanksgiving creations:

Cheesy Pumpkin Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

Glazed Carrots

Jewish Apple Cake

Pomegranate, Pear, and Gorgonzola Salad

Pumpkin Challah

What are Jew cooking up for Thanksgiving this year? I’d love to hear!



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    I looked at the recipe and began to salivate! I have not used eggs in my dressing before. I wonder if I should add them to my regular recipe? I have not used challah before either. I’ll bet it is the best!!!


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