Lox and Cream Cheese Rangoon


I know Christmas aka national all-Jews-go-get-Chinese-food-and-watch-a-movie-day was last week, but I just can’t quit with the Chinese recipes! True to form, we went out for Chinese food on Christmas Eve, and my Chicken and Broccoli was just as delicious as always. Now maybe I’m  turned off by the crowds or MSG, or inspired by my love of eating at home, but actually prefer to make my own Chinese food for Christmas instead. One bite of my homemade General Tso’s Chicken and I was hooked!


This year, I took the decidedly unkosher Crab Rangoon and swapped the crab for lox. The result? Like a fried version of my favorite bagel breakfast. Why didn’t I think of this sooner? Now you can have lox and schmear for every meal. Is it Christmas again yet?? Check out the full recipe for Lox and Schmear Rangoon on The Nosher.

Also, in the spirit of the New Year, I wanted to share with y’all about my friend Ashley over at Center Cut Cook. She make the most delicious recipes such as Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies and the classic comfort food Chicken Noodle Soup. Ashley is a talented and super sweet blogger whose husband and high school sweetheart Ryan was just diagnosed with cancer, and we would love to raise some money to aid in Ryan’s recovery. Read all about their story here. And consider giving even just a dollar to help!! Thanks, y’all!

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    OK, a few weeks ago we were at an Asian cuisine restaurant and no less than five people near us ordered their crab Rangoon – at least that’s what I think it was. I had to strain my neck around and stare at plates and finally overhear someone ordering to figure it out. I’ve never had it, but with so many people ordering, it must be something amazing. I am not a fan of lox, but I would definitely try the crab.