Chocolate Stout Cupcakes

chocolate stout cupcakes
I am not the kind of girl who dreads birthdays, even as I enter my mid late 20s. After all, it is not every day you can frolic around in a birthday crown soaking in the sweet, sweet attention. Which is why I have a normal tiara for the other 364 days of the year. Kidding, sort of. When I celebrated turning 25 for the 4th time this past January 27th, the day was nothing short of fantastic. Good friends, good times, and the icing on the cake? I won a deep fryer. Only in Texas. I know, I can smell your jealously from here. Don’t worry, there will be sufganiyot in your future, but for today I am taking a little break from traditional Jewish cooking to make some treats for the Super Bowl (read: cupcakes and fried pickles).

chocolate stout cupcakes

chocolate stout cupcakes

But not just any cupcakes. No sir. Chocolate Stout Cupcakes from everyone’s favorite resident Food Network Hottie McHot Jewish chef extraordinaire, Dave Lieberman. Meow! If that doesn’t make this recipe blog worthy, I don’t know what does.
chocolate stout cupcakes

chocolate stout cupcakes




  1. Bubbe says

    Oy, my kepala. How did I ever get lucky enough to be related to someone with such magical creations? You are truly amazing! A Bubbes dream come true!

    Ess a bissel!!!!!


  2. says

    Those cupcakes are so cute!!!! I wish I would have had time to make some for my brother-he adores Green Bay….Did you like the beer batter?

    • says

      Thanks, Gloria! I did actually- the beer made the cupcakes super moist and fluffy. And they weren’t too sweet, which was a nice compliment to the sweet cream cheese frosting.


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