Asian Mushroom Matzo Ball Soup

Jews love Chinese food. Fact. And everyone loves matzo ball soup. Put ’em together? What a fine looking Asian Mushroom Matzo Ball Soup!

Asian Mushroom Matzah Ball Soup

Matzo ball soup is a traditional Passover dish made with a rich stock, tons of vegetables and hearty matzo dumplings. In culinary terms, it’s freaking awesome. And Passover is nothing without it! Well, and the Manischewitz. And horseradish.

Asian Mushroom Matzah Ball Soup

This Asian twist uses shitake mushrooms in the dumplings and soup, with fresh cilantro and a spicy kick from jalapeños. It’s still kosher for Passover thanks to a secret ingredient that mimics the flavor of soy sauce.

Asian Mushroom Matzah Ball Soup

A fun addition to your Passover Seder, or a light lunch on its own, this dish can easily be vegetarian. I recommend homemade stock, but store bought works in a pinch! Feel free to leave out the jalapeños for the kids, and season to taste to amp up the flavor!

Asian Mushroom Matzah Ball Soup

Check out the full recipe for Asian Mushroom Matzo Ball Soup on The Mushroom Channel! 

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    I think we are having a very non-traditional Passover here this year. The Hub’s family is away so it’s kind of just us. He’s already very interested in your Matzoh Nachos and this looks fabulous. He hates mushrooms, though, so I’m going to have to figure out a substitute for him!