What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Happy belated 4th of July to my American readers! And Happy Canada Day too to our poutine loving neighbors to the north. After a few weeks of traveling around this fine country of ours, I am finally back in Austin (yay!) Though it is always swell to get away for a bit, nothing beats being home. Now where have I been you may ask? Great question! Here are a few Internet appropriate photos of my trips. And do not fear, I will be back next week with a super recipe just perfect for your summer BBQs. (Hint: It involves booze. You can thank me later.)

Do you guys have any fun trips planned for the summer? Any suggestions of must see summer locales?

First up- a voyage to New York City and Connecticut to see the fam. Alas, I could not find even one photo from NYC that would allow me to share with you kids and still keep my job. But, here are a few goodies from CT.

Homemade meal by yours truly for Father’s Day- what else but Chinese food for this Jew crew?

He likes it! Andy likes it!

The kiddies and Dad.

One more with Mom- how cute is she?! (Answer: Too cute!)

Then it was off to San Diego for a little beach, a little work, and a whole lot of San Diego Zoo. And some scary bears! Speaking of scary, here is me doing my seal impression. I think it is spot on, right?

I ended my journey with our annual trek to Union City, Michigan. Again, there were not nearly as many apropos photos as I had hoped, but I thought I would show a few from my favorite of the themes –  Oktoberfest – to accompany my German Cucumber Salad of course. Willkommen!

Meat on a stick- ain’t nothing wrong with that!

Happy 4th, y’all!





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  1. Nice photos! You have a shayna family! It is nasty hot and humid here in Mpls., just like Texas..I took a voluntary layoff recently and I am looking forward to wine coolers and desserts made with booze!!!

  2. i love that there was not 1 “postable” pic from NYC i wouldnt have it any other way!!

    happy blogging!

    • HAHA I mean I could have taken a photo of a building or something but where’s the fun in that? At least they were Facebook appropriate!


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