Tzimmes Flatbread Pizza

tzimmes pizza

Now that Passover is over, only one thing is on my mind. Bread, and lots of it. Bagels, challah, muffins and, of course, pizza. One of my favorite things to cook with my Mom growing up, besides the classics — rugelach, roasted chicken and latkes — was pizza.

tzimmes pizza

Mom would make the dough and roll it out into individual portions. While my brother went traditional with cheese, peppers and mushrooms, I used whatever grabbed me from the refrigerator.A little goat cheese, why not? Maybe a drizzle of honey? Don’t mind if I do! Is it any wonder I became a chef?

Tzimmes Pizza 5

These days, pizza is still a favorite, and I love coming up with creative toppings to keep things interesting. Bubbe’s classic tzimmes inspired this creation. In all honestly, I don’t love tzimmes. It’s usually too sweet for my tastes, and a little mushy. But with rich apricot caramelized onions and savory blue cheese to balance it out, this pizza is definitely a keeper.

Check out the full recipe on my first post for The Jewish Week!



  1. LOVE this! And this is another recipe I am stealing form you! haha And LOVE your new digs :)

  2. Love the new look! :) Almost fell off my chair the other day when I clicked over here and got “ is coming soon” or something. Yikes!


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