Skinny Limits Juice Cleanse Review

skinny limits

A few weeks ago when Austin-based Skinny Limits offered to send me a three-day juice cleanse to try, it could not have come at a more perfect time! I just got done testing (aka eating) Thanksgivukkah recipes and was about to go on vacation in Miami. If I was ever in need of a cleanse, now was the time! I was a little skeptical of juicing, mainly because I love food, and am a big proponent of not depriving yourself, just using moderation. But I’ll try anything twice once!

skinny limits

Skinny Limits provides cold pressed, raw juices with fresh ingredients. Their juices are convenient, and most importantly tasty! On their website, they say:

“The primary function of food is to supply us with energy and vitality; but now much of our food is laden with additives, preservatives, imitation flavorings, and other chemicals. The combination of these factors produces overwhelmed digestive systems and nutrient-deficient bodies. During our juice cleanse, your body’s digestive system receives easily absorbable antioxidants to combat damage from toxins, as well as the nutrient density needed to initiate correction of deficiency.”

skinny limits

They delivered the juices right to my door, 18 juices to be precise! On this juice cleanse I had six bottles of cold pressed juice to drink daily (each bottle contains 16oz). During the cleanse I wasn’t hungry at all- honest! I didn’t even finish all the juices- I had five of the six per day. However, I missed food, and chewing. It’s hard to be a food blogger and not eat! The juices were all delicious- especially the Cashew Moon one. It was almost like a milkshake! I think knowing I had that one at the end of my day helped me get through the other green ones.

Overall I felt fantastic during the cleanse. I had a small headache the first day, which they warned may happen as toxins escape, but I slept amazingly well, and some mild back pain I was experiencing (getting old sucks) disappeared. The only negative was a little cloudiness in the brain. Also, it was hard to drink the large juices in the recommended five minutes. The only thing I can chug that fast is Natty Light during a game of flip cup! At the end of the cleanse, I was happy to eat real food again, and really wanted some healthy food like fish and avocado. I really remembered to chew slow and enjoy it.

So there you go! Have you ever tried a cleanse? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Skinny Limits gave me their three-day cleanse to review, but I was not compensated to review the juices and all opinions are my own.



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    I did a 3 day juice fast once. I agree the brain gets a little fuzzy, but it did make me feel refreshed. I would have loved to have the juices prepared and sent to me. I was making my own and I was getting sick of cleaning the juicer after every juice. lol. I have never heard of Skinny Limits. You think they are here in Dallas too?

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    I’ve done a juice fast before once in my life. As you experienced, I felt a little sick for a day as toxins were being released from my body; however, by the end of the fast I felt wonderful and rejuvenated.