Neapolitan Hamantaschen

neapolitan hamantaschen

I’ve had some CRAZY times coming up with some hamantaschen recipes for Purim this year. I mean bland cookie + filling = boatload of possibilities. Yesterday I showed you my heart shaped hamantaschen perfect for Valentine’s Day and Purim.  Because if there is one thing I like it’s multi-tasking. Take a look at the recipe- I’ll wait.

neapolitan hamantaschen

Cute, right? I love to use some of my favorite flavor combos to reinvent this classic cookie, so as I was downing a gallon of Neapolitan ice cream while watching Sex and the City reruns brainstorming ideas it hit me. Strawberry, chocolate and vanilla would make the PERFECT Purim treat. Neapolitan Hamantaschen!

neapolitan hamantaschen

The genius part is these can also be used for Valentine’s Day or Purim. Because they are pink! And hamantaschen. In case you needed that explanation. Head on over to The Nosher for the recipe!!

neapolitan hamantaschen





  1. LOVE this idea–delicious and gorgeous–how could it get any better?

  2. Beautiful !! Must be delicious !

  3. These look gorgeous!

  4. Thanks for including a pic that gives an idea of how to shape the hamantaschen, seen many recipes today but not one helpful hint about the shape.

    These look delicious and appetizing.

    • Of course! The key is to over lap the edges like you were securing a cardboard box, if that make sense. Alternate over/under for each side so it’s nice and secure. None of mine opened up!

  5. I remember eating the basic version when visiting my bubbe in Queens as a kid. These are awesome!

  6. These are adorable…as are the originals! I thought out loud that I might make these and my Hub said “they’re complicated.” Sounds like a challenge to me!

    • Thanks! You can totally make them- they aren’t too tricky at all. Plus you can make the dough one day and then shape the next to break up the work!

      • themeaningofmeblog says:

        Chocolate nut butter – like Nutella?

        • You could use Nutella- I used a chocolate almond butter they sell by the peanut butter.

          • Well. We baked these. Our end product definitely isn’t as pretty as yours. Admittedly, I am not much of a baker – I only do it since my daughter discovered she loves it. I think the first time I made any kind of “real” cookie other than simple drop oatmeal style was this past Christmas. Recipe is easy enough and we did just as you said. I think we didn’t fold our circles quite right and I also think they may have been too thick. Waiting for them to cool, so we’ll see! They seem sort of “squishy” in texture…would that be right? Somehow it feels…not. :)

            • The secret to pretty hamantaschen is making sure you overlap the sides. “Pinching” them usually doesn’t hold up as well. If they are thick, they will probably just be more cookie than filling which is certainly okay. Let me know how they taste- the most important part!

              • They taste very good! The strawberry is nice, but not overpowering. We definitely did more pinching than overlapping – again, I think ours were just too thick. Definitely have some good tips for the next attempt.

                Oh, and by the way…the strawberry cookie dough? Makes a great heart-shaped cutout. :)

  7. Thanks for dropping these by the Favorite Things party! I’m so trying them this week!


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