Leftover Cook-off: Thanksgiving Benedict

Hope you kids had a happy Thanksgiving! I participated in a Thanksgiving Leftover Throwdown yesterday on Google+ (you can watch the replay above) which was a blast! Now I love a leftover Thanksgiving sandwich as much as the next girl, but in order to bring it to another level, I turned my turkey and accoutrements into a breakfast twist on leftovers- Thanksgiving Benedict! You can vote for me your favorite here plus check out the other dishes. The winner gets fantastic prizes (a Sur La Table gift card and the Modernist Cuisine at Home courtesy of Google) and of course all the glory!

I started with a challah dressing patty bound together with eggs (gravy would work but my friends polished mine off!) and coated in bread crumbs and fried. On top, a mixture of turkey and spinach sautéed in butter and herbs. Finished off with a poached egg and an herby hollandaise to use up all that leftover thyme and rosemary. Then garnished with a dollop of cranberry sauce and fried sage. My taste tester polished it off and proclaimed this Thanksgiving Benedict is even better than the original dishes!

Make sure to vote! Jew the best!






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      Thanks, Bryn! I just fry them in canola oil for a few seconds- like three tops. They are crunchy and delicious! I like to use them to garnish soups too.

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    Hmm…our traditional Thanksgiving morning brunch is homemade waffles and eggs benedict…this is a good enough reason to do brunch the day after as well! Hope you had a great holiday!