Chai Tea Challah Bread

This Chai Tea Challah Bread infuses cardamom, cloves and other spices, making it reminiscent of the spicy hot tea!

Chai Tea Challah Bread

Comfort food. Everyone has a favorite. Maybe it’s mac and cheese. Or ice cream. Or brisket. Or pot pie. Mmm. For me, comfort comes in a glass. No not whiskey, it’s chai tea! For real. I like to curl up by my fire place (AC blasting since this is Texas) with my imaginary puppy and a nice mug of chai tea. Maybe a trashy magazine. Now you’re talking!

Chai Tea Challah Bread

I was thinking that it has been forever since I last made a challah, but this one had to be fall. Chai tea of course! I infused the bread with tea, and added cloves, cinnamon and other spices to get a subtle fall flavor to my challah. Wouldn’t this be perfect drizzled with a little honey? I think it would!

Chai Tea Challah Bread

Head on over to the Imperial Sugar website to get the recipe!

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  1. 12tequilas says

    I just found your site and I’m always psyched for more Jewish recipes especially for holidays, so I will definitely be perusing. I hate to be critical, but could you not call it “Challah Bread”? It’s just challah. Calling it “challah bread” is like saying “brioche bread.” Or “brisket meat.” Y’know?