Bubbe’s Birthday Party!

Bubbe's Birthday

I totally meant to cook up a new recipe for Jew all this week, but I got caught up in family time when I went back to CT to surprise Bubbe for her birthday (she was so surprised!!). Totally understandable, right? I promised Bubbe I wouldn’t tell anyone how old she is, but is she not totally adorable?? The cutest. We had a lovely party- friends and family came from all over and noshed on bagels, lox and mimosas and celebrated Bubbe. Everyone gave amazing speeches mentioning what a caring lady she is, and how of course we couldn’t invite all her friends because there wouldn’t be room for Sunny, the owner of Black Bamboo, Kathy, the baker at Crown Supermarket or Suzi, who gives the samples at Big Y. Truth is, Bubbe makes friends wherever she goes. She is just the best!

But enough from me. Here is Bubbe in her own words:

Love her!! Sorry it’s a bit blurry, mimosas and technology don’t mix. Plus, Bubbe says she looks better in soft focus. If you haven’t seen my other interview with Bubbe, here is a video chatting after the Passover Seder. Seriously, someone give Bubbe her own TV show! Anyhoo, here is the spread. It wouldn’t be a Jew party without bagels!


Glorious lox.


The beautiful lokshen kugel cooked up by me and Mom.


Me with my brother Andrew. Bubbe is so proud of her “Jefferson Fellow and The Next Rachael Ray!”


Here is Bubbe boozing it up with some friends she has known for almost 60 years!! I love these ladies.

Bubbe's birthday

Of course there was cake. Red velvet and Bubbe’s favorite- lemon! All for the queen of the town!


Here is Bubbe with my Mom and Uncle Jeff carefully lighting the candles.

Bubbe's birthday

Bubbe with her kids and grandkids- not a dog in the bunch!

Bubbe's birthday

As a Connecticut native, the shooting in Newtown hit especially close to home. My thoughts are with the victims, and I appreciated this precious day with my family that much more.

Love you, Bubbe!!!

bubbe's birthday