Boozy Gifts for Purim

Purim starts this Saturday and you know what that means right? Costume parties and debauchery! Two of my favorites. A little Purim recap for you. Esther, a sassy young Jew living in Persia, saves all the Jews from the King’s evil adviser Haman’s devious plans of extermination. So we rejoice by drinking until we can’t tell the difference between Haman and our hero Mordechai! Sign me up. Here are a few of my favorite drinking tools and Boozy Gifts for Purim from Modern Tribe!

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winestein stemware mugYou know when you are going to a party and you aren’t sure if you should go classy with a Pinot or classier with a PBR? Me too! That’s the worst. Now be prepared for both with this Beer and Wine Glass Combo Mug and you can chug or sip with the best of ’em!

lasso wine holder

Yee haw!! This real Rope Wine Holder can be molded into any shape you like to hold your wine in style. How cool is that? It combines my two favorite things: cowboys and magic.

wine caddy

Speaking of classy, this Wine’O Bottle Caddy looks like a paper bag, but keeps your wine nice and cool. Functional and fashionable. Perfect for picnics, or sneaking wine into movie theaters, hypothetically speaking.

handlebar mustache corkscrew opener

Tee hee! Love this Handlebar Mustache Corkscrew Opener! Are mustaches still so hot right now or so 2012? Who cares if it can open your beer and wine?

craft beer gift set

Last but certainly not least is this ultimate Craft Beer Gift Set! Anyone want to get me a belated Valentine’s Day gift? No? Bueller? This Schmaltz Brewing Gift Set has it all: Signed copy of Craft Beer Bar Mitzvah Book, 4 Coney Island Craft Lager Glasses and a set of Beer Lover Poetry Magnets. Loves it!




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