Best Kosher for Passover Items at Whole Foods


best kosher for Passover foods

Two days into Passover. How are y’all doing? Still keeping at it or did you cave at the first sign of beer and bagels? (Breakfast of champions right there.) Normally, I use this week to eat healthier- lots of omelettes, veggies, and yogurt. But then they had to go and make Passover food delicious! Blast! So when Whole Foods (based right here in Austin!) gave me the opportunity to try some of their favorite Passover foods (and wine!), I was totally game. Plus, readers and friends are always asking me “Where can I get Jew stuff in Austin?!” Whole Foods even has some friendly Passover advice and recipes on their site. Neat-o. Here’s what I got in my Kosher for Passover Items at Whole Foods basket:

  1. Yehuda: Toasted Onion Gluten Free Matzo-Style Squares. OMG this matzah! (Sorry I said OMG. Not taking it back.) Thin, crunchy, gluten-free and with a tasty subtle onion flavor. I’m seriously going back to buy some of this before Passover is done to eat after the holiday. It’s that good. Can’t wait to use it to make a killer matzo pizza!
  2. Recanati Yasmin Wine, Merlot Cab Blend (Team Member pick). I haven’t tried the wine yet (It is 10:00 AM. I know that is no excuse) but you have to give it to Whole Foods for having a selection of KFP wines, right? They also have Bartenura and my personal favorite Baron Herzog on hand. L’chaim!
  3. Foodman’s: Whole Wheat Maple Nut Matzolah (exclusive to Whole Foods Market). Y’all already know my love for Matzolah. Now you health freaks can get a whole wheat version only at Whole Foods! It’s just as tasty as the original, but with a heartier wheat taste and no Jewish guilt for your health!
  4. Glicks: Choc-Chip Macaroons (exclusive to Whole Foods Market; additional flavors include Almond, Chocolate, and Coconut) These are pretty standard tasting canned macaroons. Good in a pinch, but I prefer to make my own.
  5. Zelda’s Sweet Shoppe: Matzah Crunch (Team Member favorite) Holy Jewish Jesus this stuff is addicting. If the item in the photo looks tampered with to you, you are correct my friend. I couldn’t even take a photo before diving in and trying a piece or 12. So addicting! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
  6. and 7. Harrison’s Original Sweet Shoppe: Raspberry, Orange & Lemon Fruit Slices and Harrison’s Original Sweet Shoppe: Raspberry Jelly Rings (both exclusive to Whole Foods Market) I’m not usually a jelly ring or fruit slice fan, though we ALWAYS had them at our seders growing up. As if you could not have a seder without these neon concoctions. The neat thing about these ones is that they are all natural- losing the neon, but gaining a little health factor.

Other recommended items exclusive Whole Foods:

Your turn! What are your favorite kosher for Passover items? Or do you stick to fruit and veggies?



matzah crunch

Matzah Crunch!! Gimme, gimme, gimme!

best kosher for passover products

Disclaimer: Whole Foods gave me these items to review but all opinions are my own.