Announcing the Google+ Mystery Ingredient Cook-off Winner!


Recently, I participated in my second Google+ cook-off. This one with a mystery box of ingredients! It was fun- I felt like I was on Chopped, minus Aaron Sanchez as judge (rour). Read more about the cook-off here!  We got canned pineapple, smoked chipotle peppers and whole fennel seeds to cook with. Everyone came up with really tasty looking dishes! Here I am hard at work. And having a decent hair day as a bonus!


After the cook-off, readers voted and whoever received the most votes won. And the winner is…

Secret Ingredient Cook-off

My  Fennel Crusted Ribeye Over Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Grilled Pineapple, Baby Portobellos, Pickled Cabbage and a Smoked Chipotle Red Wine Sauce!! Woo hoo! Thanks to all of you who voted, and to Google Local Austin for sponsoring. Jew are the best!



  1. Mazel tov Amy! I enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Margot C says:

    How marvelous, and what an inspired dish. You just might be a genius!

  3. Congratulations! I knew you’d make it!!

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