There’s Jews in Texas? Giveaway Winner!!!

Thanks to everyone who entered the There’s Jews in Texas? giveaway! We had some great comments on that post too- I loved reading them. Without further ado the winner is…

there's jews in texas

Mirta wins! She said:

there's jews in texas

Ah I love Argentina! Mirta even has a book “With Love, The Argentina Family- Memories of Tango & Kugel; Mate with Knishes. Ha! Love it.

Mazel tov, Mirta! Please email me at amy at whatjewwannaeat dot com with your address and I’ll send you your copy!






  1. says

    thank you…its ALWAYS good when a mama can provide a daughter with a good lead……..I can only hope that she reads and better yet, RESPONDS…personally I love what I see on this site…