New York Bagel of the Month Club {Giveaway Post!!}

Bagel of the Month Giveaway
It’s no secret that I love bagels. I have made them a time or two. Or three. I even made my own lox! And I may or may not have declared the first time I bit into my homemade bagel one of the happiest days of my life. Sad or inspiring, you decide. But nothing- and I mean nothing- compares to a fresh NYC bagel. Is it the water or what? That’s why I’m so excited about this Bagel Of The Month Club giveaway!!! Make sure to scroll down to the bottom to enter. 

Bagel of the Month Giveaway

Bagel Of The Month Club is so genius I wish I thought of it myself. They make fresh, kosher bagels every hour (water boiled and then baked in an NYC brick oven) and deliver them straight to your door complete with schmear. They’ll even throw in rugelach if you want! Best. Present. Ever. I know living in Texas it is impossible to get a decent bagel so this is kind of priceless. Breakfast taco, sure, but bagel, no way. Now, what wants NYC bagels of their very own?? 

Bagel of the Month Giveaway

To enter the giveaway, which includes a dozen bagels, a bag of bagel chips and some of their delicious sweets:

Good luck! Contest is open to USA residents only. Winner will be picked at 11:59 PM CT on Wednesday, July 10th. Bagels for everyone!

Bagel of the Month Giveaway

All photos courtesy of Bagel of the Month Club. This giveaway is sponsored by Bagel of the Month Club but all opinions are my own. And my opinion is that everyone needs NYC bagels. 



  1. Favorite bagel topping, gotta be red onion and lox with a tiny bit of real cream cheese, and if it’s a garlic bagel? I’m in true heaven!

  2. scallion cream cheese on a garlic bagel, no socializing for a few hours after that!! :)

  3. My favorite is Nova Lox Salmon, 2nd favorite is Salmon-flavored Cream Cheese. YUM!

  4. Stephen Ducar says:

    My Favorite is everything. Like the mix :)

  5. I just liked Bagel of the Month on Facebook. I already follow WhatJewWannaEat on Facebook, and receive emails. :) And I just signed up for Bagel of the Month emails.

  6. Stephen Ducar says:

    Following What Jew Wanna Eat on Facebook. That is how I found this contest :)

  7. Gail Springsteen says:

    I love sun-dried tomato cream cheese on an everything bagel!

  8. Gail Springsteen says:

    I have been following What Jew Wanna Eat on FB for a while!

  9. I love a salt bagel with plain cream cheese and tomato and cucumber slices…especially if it comes from my favorite bagel joint in MI called New York Bagel!

  10. Jessica Brimer says:

    I like my bagel plain or just cream cheese.

  11. Gail Springsteen says:

    I now subscribe to What Jew Wanna Eat emails! But on a different email address than here . . . I have a separate email just for food! :)

  12. I like WJWE on FB!

  13. I subscribe to the WJWE emails :)

  14. Gail Springsteen says:

    I am now subscribed to New York Bagel of the Month Club emails, too! The food address I use is, in case you need to know!

  15. Leslie Granito says:

    My favorite is an everything bagel with veggie cream cheese, lox and tomato. I am drooling just thinking about it!

  16. Just “liked” Bagel of the Month! Already follow WJWE :)

  17. Best bagel for me has to be a lightly toasted onion bagel with nova lox and cream cheese :)

  18. Leslie Granito says:

    By the way, I already get your blog posts through e-mail and Facebook, and liked Bagel of the Month! I already feel the carbs on my hips!

  19. I love a pumpernickel bagel with the inside scooped out and stuffed with salmon salad, red onion and tomato.

  20. I love bagels! I have them for breakfast practically every morning. My favorite way is with cream cheese or goat cheese and lox.

  21. My favorite topping is cream cheese slathered with really good quality lox – preferably sliced at an appetizing store rather than a pre-sliced package. Second choice for topping is scallion cream cheese – also made at an appetizing store rather than a supermarket container. My New York secret is that I don’t love bagels, but I do love bialys.

  22. I just ordered some for my Dad for a late Father’s Day present–he’s lived in Dallas for 60 years, originally from Brooklyn, he’s going to be SO HAPPY!

  23. I’m a sucker for garlic bagels, and onion bagels. Yum! I used to live in NYC, so this would be awesome to win. Thanks so much! :)

  24. I like you on Facebook (Amber H)

  25. I like Bagel of the Month on FB (Amber H)

  26. Melissa says:

    I love a Jalapeno Bagel with bacon, egg & cheese!

  27. Melissa says:

    I follow WJWE on Facebook!

  28. Melissa says:

    I get the WJWE emails!!

  29. Melissa Gilbert says:

    I now like Bagel of the Month on FB!

  30. I just LOVE the onion bagels, just plain. If I want it fancy, I add some lox and cream cheese, or scrambled eggs and turkey bacon. HMMM.

  31. I’m a traditionalist (read:boring) and like just plain cream cheese on an everything bagel!

  32. Melissa Gilbert says:

    I just subscribed to Bagel of the month emails! Thanks!

  33. savory: pumpernickel, lox, creamed cheese, red onion. sweet: cranberry walnut w/ plain schmear.

  34. and I follow you on FB!

  35. I like a pumpernickel bagel with vegie cream cheese, yum!

  36. I follow WJWE on FB!

  37. I love a whole wheat everything bagel with veggie cream cheese, lox, onions and capers!

  38. I subscribe to WJWE emails!

  39. Jessika Belle says:

    scallion cream cheese!

  40. Favorite bagel topping has to be cream cheese, lox, tomato, red onion & capers. My mouth is already watering at the thought…………….. yum!!

  41. Sesame

  42. Jessika Belle says:

    I am following WJWE on Facebook.

  43. Andi Rosenfield says:

    Favorite bagel topping? Lox, homemade, crunchy veggie cream cheese (or my grandma’s Benedictine cheese), onions and capers…yum!

  44. My favorite bagel and topping is an everything bagel, cream cheese, nova lox, tomato, and extra capers!

  45. Andi Rosenfield says:

    Started following BOTM on FB!

  46. Andi Rosenfield says:

    Subscribed to BOTM emails….another entry!

  47. Isadora says:

    My favorite topping is cream cheese lox topped with lox, red onion & tomato! Lox on top of Lox!!!

  48. I follow WJWE on Facebook!

  49. Now following BageloftheMonthClub on FB!

  50. Lox obvi, but I also love chevre with jam.

  51. I follow WJWE in Facebook!

  52. I didnt know you sent emails, but mow I get those, too. Yay.

  53. Rachel F says:

    I want to get these bagels for my parents. live in NYC, and they are former New Yorkers who miss bagels terribly. My favorite topping is definitely the traditional cream cheese, lox, capers and red onion. Sometimes I like cream cheese and garlicky dill pickles. Mmmmm.

  54. David Yoiung says:

    I follow wjwe on facebook

  55. Daid young says:

    I subscribed to wjwe emails

  56. David Young says:

    I follow bagel of the month club on faoebook

  57. Pick me! Holy bagel! I follow you on Facebook! :)

  58. My favorite bagel is onion.

  59. Stephanie M says:

    Mmm bagels. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  60. Stephanie M says:

    I follow WJWE on Facebook.

  61. Love salmon and cream cheese!

  62. Great giveaway Amy – of course I live in NY, but not all New York bagels are created equally and these looks great.

  63. Nancy Shields says:

    I’ve never had a NY bagel before, but I love an everything bagel with chive cream cheese. My kids like “pink bagels”, which are plain bagels with strawberry cream cheese. :)

  64. Nancy Shields says:

    Liked you on Facebook. :)

  65. Gonna have to say its gotta be lox and cream cheese! What Jew think it be?! Lol def gotta win this!! I love those ny bagels and pizzas!- and I never win anything! Lol Keep it up – love your recipes Amy!

  66. All about the lox, cream cheese, tomato, and red onion. Poppy seed bagel, toasted!

  67. I liked your page on FB!

  68. I liked the bagel of the month club page on FB!

  69. I signed up for your emails and their emails!!

  70. I love Lox with Cream Cheese, fresh Tomato, Cucumber, Kosher Salt, and FRESH cracked Black Pepper. OMG, I’m hungry now :)

  71. I followed Bagel of the Month Club on Facebook :)

  72. I subscribed to What Jew Wanna Eat emails!

  73. I subscribed to Bagel of the Month Club emails on their site!!

  74. AND… I was already following you on FB (which is where I learned about this)….Does that count?

  75. I subscribed to your emails. For toppings I like cream cheese or provolone cheese on my bagels. :)

  76. I liked Bagel of the Month Club on facebook and subscribed to their emails.

  77. I follow WJWE on facebook and subscribe to the emails.

  78. Am now following BagelOfTheMonthClub on facebook and subscribing to their emails.

  79. avocado

  80. I love plain bagels with strawberry butter, or a cinnamon raisin bagel with regular cream cheese.

  81. Leah Z. says:

    I love my bagels with some lox cream cheese!

  82. Leah Z. says:

    I like WJWE on fb!

  83. Leah Z. says:

    I liked “bagel of the month club” on facebook!

  84. I like sesame seed bagel and veggie cream cheese. Um-m-m-m!

  85. Now following Bagel of the Month Club on Facebook, too.

  86. I’m an email subscriber.

  87. I love a toasted bagel with chive cheese- yum!

  88. Mashed avocado, lox, red onion, cucumbers, tomato–yum

  89. I love cream cheese on my bagels.

  90. I’m an email subscriber.

  91. Green onion cream cheese on an Everything

  92. And I follow you on FB

  93. Plus now I follow the club on FB and signed up for emails. Thanks for the intro, it will make a great gift.

  94. Billie Pierce says:

    Depends on my mood. Sometimes a warm, crunchy bagel with butter melting on top is just heaven! Other times, whitefish salad is da bomb! Also tuna salad. Of course, cream cheese, lox, onion, capers, cucumber and tomato is usually the best way to go. I live in Memphis, home to 10,000 Jews and no delis other than Schlotsky’s or Jason’s! Send a sister some love!

  95. Sherri Singer-Stacho says:

    Nova lox with a huge slice of Vadalia onion and tomato with cream cheese!

  96. Sherri Singer-Stacho says:

    I am also an email subscriber as well!

  97. What a super giveaway, Amy!! I’m an everything bagel girl– LOVE THEM.

  98. Of course I follow you on Facebook!

  99. And I followed Bagel of the Month Club on Facebook…

  100. And I subscribed to What Jew Wanna Eat by email!!

  101. LOVE this giveaway- might be my favorite blogger giveaway, ever? I love olive and pimento creamcheese atop my bagels!

  102. Just cream cheese and I am good!!

  103. My homemade lox is my favorite topping. Cured and smoked, it’s so much better than commercial lox. Unfortunately, Tampa being what it is, it’s only cool enough to cold-smoke salmon in the season that passes for winter here.

  104. This is the best idea ever! I’m in Texas too and there are no good bagels here. I love an everything bagel topped with cream cheese, lox, and tomato.

  105. Some cream cheese and lox will get the job done for me, but if there is more stuff laying around, it all goes on.

    By the way, for what it’s worth, there is an amazing bagel place in Houston called the Hot Bagel Shop. I know you are in Austin and it’s not worth the drive, but if for some reason you ARE ever in Houston you really need to stop by in the morning (the earlier the better, before they sell out!) and get a little bit of everything. It’s a great little shop and the prices are fantastic.

  106. Chuck Katz says:

    Definately a toasted onion bagel

  107. Toasted everything bagel with veggie cream cheese, green peppers and onion. Yummm!

  108. Christina says:

    A bagel with a plain cream cheese and a healthy pile of lox on top is my favorite. Even my bagel hating husband will sneak bites of mine when I top it like this.

  109. Christina says:

    And I of course follow WJWE on Facebook because it’s the best.

  110. Like a lot of other people, cream cheese, onion & lox does the trick! But when I can find a gooey, super cinnamon bagel, it needs nothing else!

  111. And following WJWE on FB!!

  112. I liked Bagel of the Month Club on Facebook!

  113. And I did subscribe for WJWE newsletter!

  114. Elaine Holroyd says:

    Just subscribed to Bagel of the Month email and liked them on FB. Love your FB page and blogs.

  115. Similar to the first picture above, but toasted and open face: Half of an everything bagel (please, minimal salt on the bagel, it’s not a pretzel) toasted with some cream cheese, nova lox, tomato, and onion. Then repeat with the other half.

    Also following WJWE on FB.

  116. Mmm, pumpernickel bagel, cream cheese, baked salmon, with a little bit of sweet onion.

  117. Jaimi Smith says:

    Salt bagel with belly lox, cream cheese, onion and tomato. Now I am hungry!

  118. Marilyn Lopez says:

    Everything egg bagel with lox and scallion cream cheese. Yum.

  119. Cream cheese and lox! :)

  120. I followed what Jew wanna eat on Facebook.

  121. I liked the bagel of the month Facebook page.

  122. Cream cheese – flavor dependent on the flavor of the bagel. And, of course, lox.

  123. I’m following bagel of the month on Facebook.

  124. Following you on Facebook and I get your e-mails.

  125. I signed up for bagel of the month emails.

  126. For super fresh bagels I like them as is with nothing on them, but a little bit of cream cheese is also pretty fab.

  127. I receive what Jew wanna eat emails.

  128. Onion bagel lightly toasted with lots of whipped cream cheese, nova (of course) and thinly sliced red onion … I will gladly suffer from swollen ankles just for another taste of a real bagel from my beloved home town … Portland, Oregon is definitely not the Mecca for Jewish cuisine.

  129. Definitely cream cheese. I receive what Jew wanna eat emails!

  130. Love ET bagel with the complete toppings of lox, cucumber, purple onion tomato and smear!

  131. Liked you on FB!

  132. Nancy Carlton says:

    I love a fresh bagel smeared with loads of whipped cream cheese, thinly sliced lox, thinly sliced red onions and lots and lots of capers!

  133. Rebecca says:

    Ahhh now I’m craving bagels! I’m always happy with just a bagel and heaps of cream cheese!

  134. My favorite bagel topping is lox with chive cream cheese and thin slice of tomato…yum!

  135. I follow What Jew Wanna Eat on Facebook!

  136. I started following Bagel of the Month Club on Facebook.

  137. I subscribe to What Jew Wanna Eat emails!

  138. I Subscribed to Bagel of the Month Club emails (really makes me want a fresh bagel…usually can’t get a decent bagel in western illinois)

  139. A sunny side up egg so the yolk breaks in the bagel, with some american cheese.

  140. I follow What Jew Wanna Eat of FB.

  141. I also follow Bagel of the Month on facebook.

  142. Finally, I subscribe to What Jew Wanna Eat.

  143. Susa brinza says:

    Super yummy!!

  144. Nothing says Sunday morning like a fresh bagel!

  145. I am also a facebook follower of What Jew Wanna Eat!

  146. My favorite bagel topping…. Gotta be cream cheese, lox and tomato. Though hummus cheese and veggies is a really close second!! Good luck to all!

  147. And I totally follow WJWE on Facebook. And with anyone around me who I can drag over to see!!

  148. Eleanor says:

    My favorite bagel topping is plain cream cheese. I’m a purist :)

  149. Eleanor says:

    I already follow What Jew Wanna Eat on Facebook.

  150. Eleanor says:

    I followed Bagel of the Month Club on Facebook.

  151. Eleanor says:

    I subscribed to What Jew Wanna Eat emails.

  152. Eleanor says:

    I subscribed to Bagel of the Month Club emails, too.

  153. Give me an onion bagel with cream cheese, some belly lox, capers, plain cream cheese and maybe a dollop of whitefish salad and I’m in heaven (also in a food coma)

  154. Robin Wachner says:

    Everything bagel lightly toasted, cream cheese, tomato, cucumber, red onion, lox, capers, squeeze of lemon = perfection

  155. And now I’m subscribed to WhatJewWannaEat emails!

  156. Did I mention I liked WhatJewWannaEat on Facebook?

  157. And just for grins, I also liked Bagel of the Month club……Can you tell i really would like those bagels???

  158. Cream cheese and lox, definitely! :}

  159. I’ve already Liked What Jew Wanna Eat on facebook.

  160. Just Liked Bagel of the Month Club on facebook!

  161. Crystal says:

    My favorite bagel topping has got to be boursin & tomato; preferably on a toasted sesame or everything bagel.

  162. onion

  163. everything bagel, lox, chive cream cheese, red onion, and a slice of swiss cheese…its awesome trust me.

  164. Peanut butter!

  165. Nicole Solos says:

    Salmon salad.

  166. Alissa Morris-Alexander says:

    I love an onion bagel with lox and cream cheese. I am a fan of WJWE on FB.

  167. Erin manacker says:

    I love whitefish salad or lox and cream cheese on a toasted pumpernickel bagel.

  168. Erin Manacker says:

    Followed Bagel of the Month on Facebook, already like WJWE, subscribed to WJWE and subscribed to bagel of the month.

  169. Juli B. says:

    I LOVE everything bagels with scallion cream cheese. I already follow “What Jew Wanna Eat” on Facebook. Also now following “Bagel of the month club” on Facebook.

  170. The first thing I do when I go home to Jersey for a visit is get a plain bagel with cream cheese. Nothing like it! But I also love everything bagels with veggie cream cheese, or cream cheese and lox or smoked herring-! I’m salivating just thinking about it…

  171. Just followed your blog’s FB page! (thought I already had..oy vey!)

  172. Followed the Bagel of the Month FB page! (this might be the answer to my bagel-homesick prayers!)

  173. Just subscribed to WJWE emails!

  174. Just subscribed to Bagel of the Month club emails! (this could be dangerous…)

  175. Sarah Nash says:

    Honey walnut cream cheese

  176. Light Cream Cheese! Duh.

  177. Sarah Nash says:

    Liked you on fb

  178. Lauren Peress says:

    Chive cream cheese, Slice of tomato, and cucumber! YUMMMM.

  179. Jared H. says:

    Favorite bagel topping…if on an everything, salt, sesame, poppi, plain then cream cheese with maybe some lox. If on a blueberry bagel, then peanut butter! We had some decent bagels in South Florida where I’m from but now that I’m in Texas, can’t get anything really good.

  180. Jared H. says:

    And yes, I follow What Jew Wanna Eat on FB :-)

  181. This is the best thing i have ever seen! Now my favorite page ever…
    Lox..the only topping worth having on a bagel.

  182. My favorite bagel topping is cream cheese and minced onion on an everything bagel :)

  183. already following you on facebook :)

  184. following bagel of the month now

  185. subscribed to What Jew Wanna Eat

  186. subscribed to bagel of the month


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