Mega WJWE Giveaway- a Cuisinart Immersion Blender!!

Because I like you guys so much, today on WJWE I present a brand new giveaway!! I’m giving away a Cuisinart Immersion Blender (let me tell Jew, these are super useful for soups, smoothies dips, etc!) You can enter up to 5 times! Here is how:

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Disclaimer: I purchased the Cuisinart Immersion Blender myself and all opinions are my own.

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  1. Margaret says

    My favorite holiday too cook for is actually St. Patrick’s day! I traveled to Ireland one summer, so it is nice to bring back good memories and eat Irish food on St. Patrick’s day :)

  2. mindy says

    ooooh – you had me at immersion!

    my favorite holiday to cook for is probably halloween, in the event that there’s some sort of house party to attend. jew are probably thinking, “that is a strange answer, and not a holiday people usually cook for”. jew are correct – but i just can’t resist making spooky and gruesome foods. mummies-in-a-blanket, pretzel stick spider webs, ghost cookies… and let’s not forget about the booze – halloweeny-tinis!

  3. Laura says

    My favorite holiday to cook for is Passover. It is The prefect time to invite all my non Jewish friends over for some old school favorites while teaching them a little bit about the culture. …And my brisket is BOSS! :)

  4. molly l. says

    Favorite holiday to cook for is a toss-up between Thanksgiving and Rosh Hashanah . I was raised Episcopalian and so my mom has a huge collection of her traditional American Thanksgiving recipes, everything from scratch of course, including her grandmother’s Pumpkin Chiffon Pie. My husband’s family is Israeli and all of our recipes have been handed down from grandparents and great-grandpaers on both sides of his family- a collection of Hungarian, Israeli and Polish recipes. His great-grandmother’s Honey Cake is probably the most delicious thing that we make for RH but I love all of the sweet recipes.

  5. Barbara Mayes says

    I love cooking for Thanksgiving the most! Everyone really looking forward to all the good food, my family is always here, and we laugh, tell jokes, share stories and swap ideas! It’s so much fun!

  6. Amanda says

    Oh, Pascha (Easter) for sure. My husband and I are Eastern Orthodox Christians, and that meal is a huuge deal. I go all-out. Lamb, rice, cheese and butter, bread, pastries, and lots and lots of red eggs. And booze. πŸ˜‰

  7. Amanda says

    I’m also subscribed to your RSS on Google Reader, and have been for a long time.

  8. Ileen says

    I like to cook for Thanksgiving and Pesach! I love to cook with lots of veggies and fresh herbs for flavor!

  9. Emily says

    I like to cook on New Year’s eve – avoid the crowded restaurants and make something special :) My favorite is a shirmp pasta dish.

  10. lisa b says

    I love cooking for thanksgiving. the turkey, the potatos and all the goodies to go with =)

  11. says

    My favorite holiday to cook and bake for is Christmas! I just love the smells and the warmth from the oven wile listening to some great Christmas music!

  12. Nicolette Glebatis says

    I would love to be entered to win the blender! & my favorite holiday to cook for is Hanukkah because I have a huge party for my friends from high school and the guys just wait in line for my latkes & sufganiot! I can’t whip them up fast enough, but it’s a great time :)

  13. Jen says

    My favorite holiday to cook for is actually Pesach. I love the challenge of making sweets that are Kosher for Passover & actually taste good!

  14. says

    I love cooking for Thanksgiving; it is hands down my favorite holiday, and I love spending two full days in the kitchen preparing for it!

  15. Erika says

    My favorite holiday to cook for is Thanksgiving. Both my husbands family and mine come over, around 40 people! I love to mix the traditional with the offbeat for a surprising meal. I’d love this blender to help me out!

  16. says

    July 4th is my favorite holiday to cook for…burgers on the grill, fruit salad, roasted corn…it’s the best!

  17. says

    On Rosh Hashonah and Thanksgiving I get to bring what my friend calls my “Compulsive Ratatouille”, so those would probably be my favorite. Although, anytime I get to cook for others is a treat. Love your idea of savory hamentashen!

  18. says

    I love to cook for Christmas because I can bake cookies for weeks in advance and then focus on real dishes for the holiday – nice mix of sweets and healthy dishes

  19. T.A.D. says

    My favorite holiday to cook for is Thanksgiving. It’s wonderful to cook for my dearest and nearest, and have a house full of people.

  20. dorene calmus says

    I like to cook for others ~ regardless of the holiday….if I had to pick I choose Thanksgiving….It’s a wonderful time of the year and a great holiday…..

    Amy, congratulations on your new adventure!!!

  21. Sarah says

    My favorite holiday to cook for is passover. I am in charge of chocolate covered matzoh and matzoh ball soup!

  22. Kerri P. says

    I love the challenge of cooking for passover! I make my favorite sephardic charoset, which is always a hit!

  23. says

    I love cooking for Thanksgiving… turkey, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, cranberries, stuffing…. delicious!

  24. Kristin Dinda VanCleave says

    I love baking for just about any holiday, but the fall/winter ones seem to win out. Bread and sweet treats, jams & butters are all wonderful to make in the fall and winter.

  25. Kristin Dinda VanCleave says

    I would be following you by RSS feed, but for some reason the subscribe button isn’t working when I click to subscribe. I guess google+ is having some issues this morning. :(

  26. crystal allen says

    i enjoy cooking for Thanksgiving, especially the desserts, thanks clallen at ntin dot net

  27. Lisa says

    My favorite holiday to cook for is Thanksgiving. I like turkey, but my husband doesn’t, so we’ve switched it up from year to year with peking duck, cornish hens, chicken, etc. Plus, I LOVE all the side dishes and cranking out a bunch of homemade pumpkin puree baked goods!

  28. Kim says

    My favorite holiday to cook for is Halloween – I enjoy thinking up ways to gross my family out! :) Thanks!

  29. rorkesdrift says

    The best holiday to cook for is Passover – you really need to breakout your creativity

  30. Tepe Rodrigo says

    I like to cook for Thanksgiving, because even though it’s a lot of work there’s a lot of great food to enjoy at the end of it.

  31. says

    Hello, my favorite holiday to cook for is Thanksgiving. It is my house where 20 or more of us gather and catch up and I always make 4 or 5 pies. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  32. Hoa Le says

    I like to cook for Thanksgiving. All the delicious dishes!


  33. Serena Powell says

    As odd as it sounds, Halloween. I love creating candies. It is a lot of fun and you can do whatever you want.

  34. christie says

    either rosh hashanah or chanukkah (my mom’s latkes are the best!!). but any time of the year is fun! just found your blog and am looking forward to reading more.

  35. Brandy says

    I love cooking for all holidays. I just love cooking. I’m most excited about cooking for St. Patrick’s day this year. My boyfriend absolutely loves Irish cuisine. He loves pub food, hearty homestyle Irish food, gastro creations that are Irish influenced.. you name it, he loves it. So this year I’m going to make him a steak and guinness pie, some Irish soda bread, and an Irish cream cake.

  36. hippie4ever says

    I’m torn between Christmas and Thanksgivng – gingerbread and all things pumpkin.

  37. Amy L says

    I love cooking for Thanksgiving better than any other holiday. It’s my favorite holiday, because it’s all about family and food. We cook, we eat, we play games, we talk. Love it!

  38. says

    My anniversary.. does that count?! It’s the only “holiday” we have in the summer that’s super fun and exciting!!!

  39. AndreaH says

    My favorite is cooking for Thanksgiving. I learned recently how to make my grandmother’s dressing recipe and am just thrilled that I can do it now! I also enjoy making Halloween treats and goodies and baking up pumpkin seeds fresh.

    davandihamilton (at) gmail (dot) com

  40. AndreaH says

    I liked you on Facebook (Andrea Hamilton).

    davandihamilton (at) gmail (dot) com

  41. Tim says

    My favorite holiday to cook for would be either Easter(making Easter eggs) or halloween(carving the pumpkin) because that is something I can do with the kids and they really enjoy it. If I am cooking a turkey for thanksgiving they are not really involved at all. And with what little time I as a father get to spend with them, I have to take advantage of the moments I do get.

  42. @nola727 says

    Everything about Thanksgiving is so much fun! Love to cook for this hoiday

    nolagirl727 at yahoo dot com

  43. David says

    My favorite “holiday” to cook for is the Super Bowl. All junk food and it is justified because everyone else is doing it.

  44. Natasha Hudnall says

    My favorite holiday to cook for is Christmas – love making baked goods for gifts

  45. Harold D says

    I love to cook for the Fourth of July, it’s my favorite cooking holiday, because I love to BBQ!

  46. Shira says

    My favorite holiday to cook for is Shavuot because I get to experiment with lots of dairy recipes that I never can make for shabbat.

  47. meriaten long says

    Favorite holiday to cook for – sometimes valentine’s but almost always thanksgiving and christmas

  48. says

    I actually enjoy cooking for St. Paddy’s Day. I have a really good soda bread recipe I came up with when I dated an Irish guy, oh so many years ago, best thing that came our of that relationship. :) heehee I also decided to see if I could make a good vegetarian ‘Corned Beef’ for this years St. Patrick’s Day & I did!! I just posted to recipe last night, go check it out!

    That blender looks cool, thanks for the giveaway!

    • says

      HAHA I would love to try that Irish soda bread too! That corned beef looks great and really unique- how did it taste? And your blog header is beautiful!

      • says

        The ‘corned beef’ was surprising good, especially w/horseradish & mustard. Also, cooking the veggies in the broth gave the dinner the perfect flavor, it really reminded me of eating the real deal. I made a Vegetarian Reuben out of some of the leftovers & it was excellent! I’ll make some Vegetarian ‘BBQ Brisket’ out of the rest tomorrow. I’ll post the soda bread recipe in the next 2 days. :)

        Thanks on the compliment on the header. I made it using Picasa 3. Surprisingly easy. Here is the link for the tutorial from over at Clover Lane

        How are you liking Pintrest? Getting much traffic from there? Almost all of my traffic is generated from there. It is so satisfying when you post a picture & start getting the hits to the site/repins immediately.

        Loving what you do. Thanks!

  49. maria says

    my favorite holiday to cook for is thanksgiving. we dont live near family so we usually have just a simple ham for holidays.

  50. Megan b. says

    My favorite holiday to cook for is Christmas. I have a big family and they all come over during that time. We make a bunch of smaller dishes and continually serve new dishes throughout the night.

  51. Gloria says

    My favorite holiday to cook for is Thanksgiving. Turkey and mashed potatoes are the only two items repeated. Every year we do a different stuffing, vegetable, and best of all … dessert! Always fun cooking with family and many times an adventure as we try new recipes!

  52. Cee says

    My favorite holiday to cook for is definitely Thanksgiving–I love making roasted vegetables, and also love the desserts. This year, I think that I may try a vegetarian meal.

  53. Jody says

    I LOVE cooking for Christmas. We always do a fun meal, either Christmas Eve or Christmas night where we do hors’ doeuvres, fondue, or something different and new like homemade specialty pizzas. Everyone gets a say in the meal, and while we still have a formal meal for when we have more family members join, the immediate family gets to experiment and have fun together while making something different and unique. It’s always a hit with us!

  54. Rebekah says

    Birthdays are holidays and they are the best yet, most challenging to cook for.
    Everyone has a fave dish but you have to tweak the menu for the guests coming and the cake is always an issue.
    Grandpa always wants chocolate and the kids want something with sprinkles and the girls always want coconut.
    On one birthday I got a bit fed up and frazzled so, forgot the candles and after my Mother had a fit that I was so lax I jammed a HUGE taper candle smack in the middle and lit it. The kids and Grandpa LOVED it. Yes, it is now tradition along with the loaf of Challah which we hide a lego in. Don’t ask.

  55. Megan says

    My favorite holiday to cook for has always been Halloween. The childrens babysitter would throw a party every year and all the children wanted to see what my kids brought! I would tried different ideas during the year to get the best scary treat for the children.

  56. brenna says

    I love cooking for other’s birthdays. It makes things extra special. Also, I am following you via RSS now!

  57. Cristina says

    My favorite holiday to cook is Christmas. I love baking during this Christmas season :)