Geltfiend Hanukkah Sweater Winner!

Hey y’all! Thanks for entering my Geltfiend Hanukkah sweater giveaway! Hanukkah Harry came early this year and one of you is going to be a styling Jew or open-minded gentile come December. Without further ado, the winner is…

Number 18- Bret Britton!! Bret said:

Looks like your dream came true, Bret! Now just a few short months left to grow out your Jew-fro to complete the look and win over your girlfriend’s Bubbe once and for all. Mazel Tov! Email me at Amy at Whatjewwannaeat dot com with your size to claim your prize!

And the rest of you can still pre-order sweaters only through September 5th at a discounted rate on Geltfiend’s kickstarter page! I know I will be!