A Few Awesome Austin Restaurants


You may or may not know that I live in Austin, Texas. (There are Jews in Texas after all!) The greatest city in all the land. Now you know! Austin is known for lots of things. Two-stepping, country music, cowboys, BBQ, queso and bull riding. What more could you want in life!? (Is the photo above me? You’ll never know!) But there is more to the foodie scene than just tacos and brisket and brisket tacos (mmm meat). Here are a few of my recent jaunts! (Disclaimer: some of these are media events that I attended for free.)

Here are a few selections from Banger’s new late night menu. OMG. You had me at pizza bagels, but sealed the deal at the Gummy Bear Sausage, Stoner Sausage, Fried Mac and Cheese Balls and biggest Fried Chicken Biscuit Sandwich this side of the Mississippi. Banger’s is on the super popular Rainey Street, has 103 beers on tap, and even is pooch friendly! Score!

Another thing Austin is all about is food trucks. One of my favorites food truck parks, and not just because I can walk there, is the Barton Springs Neighborhood Food Court. They have tons of tasty trucks to try: Mister Fruit Cup, Tommy Want Wingy, Wholly Kabob, Way South Philly, Honky Tonk Hot Dogs, Pagoda Pizza, Cutie Pie, Southside Flying Pizza. Winners all around!barton springs food trailers

I’m kind of obsessed with all things ramen and pho, even in the perpetual 100 degree Austin weather! Here is some filet mignon pho (fancy!) I tried over at PhoNatic (bonus points for puns!) It was tasty and filling. Hit the spot!


Do you like fried chicken? Of course you do! Get your tush over to Max’s Wine Dive for some of the tastiest fried goodness around. Even their gluten free version is good! Their tag line is “Fried Chicken and Champagne, Why the Hell Not?”. Is it weird to tattoo that on my body?


Restaurants are fun and all, but I love taking cooking classes at Central Market, especially when they have celebrity chefs in town! I went recently to see Balaboosta chef Einat Admony cook up some tasty dishes from her new cookbook (see my review here.) She made Melon Gazpacho, Salmon Ceviche, Cauliflower Everyone Loves (loved it!), and Malabi with Orange Brandy Sauce. It was all delicious and fun thanks to Einat’s anecdotes!

I have to mention this whole fish we got at Imperia. It came with 6 different sauces, so you can make lots of perfect bites. Which is the best way to eat, in my opinion. You have to order it in advance, but worth it! To wash it down, can I interest you in a vegan tequila sunrise Jell-O shot? I didn’t know Jell-O shots could be so darn classy! See, ma, I am growing up!imperia

And last but not least, Russian House. Apparently there are Russians in Austin too! Stepping into Russian House is like actually stepping into Russia, with over 70 vodkas to try and a smorgasbord of blini and caviar and borscht. Plus, Russian costumes to try and a giant stuffed bear. Heaven does exist!Russian House

 Have y’all been to Austin? Where are your favorite places?



  1. poolejenn says

    Thanks for this post….heading back to Austin next weekend and there are always so many new spots to try! It’s changed SO much since I went to college at UT. I think I’m gonna hit the food trucks!