Passover Host Gift Ideas

Where are y’all having your seder(s) this year? I always do something different. In college, it was a big mix o religions, complete with lots of Manischewitz, Easter candy, and a keg (don’t judge). Sometimes I go home to CT with Bubbe, or get together with friends in Texas. This year, we are planning a Tex Mex theme if all goes as planned. I can’t wait! I’ll definitely share some photos from my seder and hope you guys will too! More details on that later. Anyhoo, if you are going to someone’s house, it’s nice to bring a gift, right? Right! Booze is always appreciated of course. Or I’d be very happy to get any of these adorable Passover Host Gift Ideas from our friends at Modern Tribe.

elijah cup

How gorgeous is this Kiddish/Elijah Cup?!  It’s so pretty! Forget Elijah, I want it!

matzah tie

You or your man will be the most stylish Jew in shul with this Matzah Tie. Plus, for the fashion obsessed, there’s a yarmulke to match! I KNOW.

let my people go

Jew know I love a good pun as much as the next chosen person, but I have no words for this Let My People Go Toilet Seat Cover. Function meets fashion!

silver seder plate

Much like the Kiddish Cup above, this Lasercut Seder Plate is so pretty! Mama like!

30 minute seder

Best Haggadah ever! It’s efficient, has pretty pictures, and most importantly does a great job of telling the story.

matzah bibs

WHAT. I have never wanted children more than after finding these Matzah Bibs. Sorry, Bubs!

kugel server

This Kugel Server can just as easily be used to serve potato kugel. Or flourless chocolate cake! Yum.




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