Passover Seder CT Style

Happy Passover from me and the girls! (AKA Mom and Bubbe. Aren’t they cute?) To quote Mom, this was the “best Seder ever!” Though that may have been the bottle glass or two of wine talking. But seriously, this Seder had it all. Tasty food, an adult beverage or four, an efficient haggadah, and even karaoke! Rihanna has never sounded this sweet. But don’t just take my word for it. Let’s ask Bubbe!

Well there you have it! Hope you enjoyed your first TV experience, Bubbe! Jew are a natural on film! Here are some other gems from our Seder. I cooked up the brisket, amongst other dishes, and this is me checking to see if it’s done- it was! (Hint: you want it fork tender so when you insert a fork into the meat, it comes out easily.) As Bubbe always says, make sure you cut against the grain!

Mmm brisket. If you are looking for a good haggadah, I highly recommend this one. It has color photos, is easy to read, and most importantly only 30 minutes!

Me and Andy.

Pretty centerpiece flowers!

Hillel sandwich- it’s no pastrami on rye but it will do!

Lovely Seder plate.

The brisket! Total success.

My plate of goodies!

The best flourless chocolate cake I have ever had! Heck, maybe one of the best cakes I have ever had. I would get the recipe but I fear it has four pounds of butter in it.

The whole crew- not a dog in the bunch! And I still get to sit at the kid’s table.

We concluded the Seder with the aforementioned karaoke and a slew of Seder pickup lines. Some of my favorites of the bunch are:

  • Seder? I hardly know her!
  • Let’s make this night really different from all other nights.
  • Maybe when Elijah comes we can make it a threesome.
  • After four cups of wine, you look like Cindy Crawford (editor’s note: clearly this list was compiled in the 90’s)
  • Did you just say that we were in bondage?


And as an extra Passover bonus, my Apple Beet Charoset won a charoset contest with Jewish Women International. Mazel for me!

How were y’alls seders??






  1. Bubbe says

    For the first time in my long life I am totally speechless! Will this go viral????????

    Your Bubbe

  2. molly l. says

    I love your Seder recap! It looks like it was a wonderful and delicious holiday with your family. I love your Haggadash books- I will definitely have to check them out. Ours are the “Maxwell Coffee House” ones from the early 90’s that my husband’s parents have been using, presumably since they moved to the US from Israel… I’m pretty sure these were the first ones they got here :)

    • says

      Thanks, Molly! We had an awesome time. These haggadahs were about $5 a pop- compared to the Maxwell ones which they still have for free in supermarkets- but are well worth it! This is the first year we used them but I really enjoyed the flow.


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