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matzo iphone case giveaway

ERMAHGERD you guys! I’m obsessed with this Passover Matzo iPhone case from Sealed with a Case. Ob-sessed.


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Sorry to sound like a 15 year old Justin Bieber fan but it’s just too genius. Perfect for the friend who always needs her phone with her, even at the seder table, right? This sucker blends right in! Just don’t get it confused with the afikomen (ba dum cha!) I totally want one. And now you can win a Passover Matzo / Matzah – iPhone Case too!

One lucky WJWE winner can have his choice of iPhone 4/4S, and 5, as well as the Samsung Galaxy – and they are available with black, clear, or white sides. The power is yours!

To Enter:

  • Leave a comment below answering this question: What’s your favorite recipe with matzo?
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You have until 11:59 pm CT on Thursday, March 7 to enter, and I’ll pick a winner Friday, March 8. Good luck! USA entrants only.

Plus, even if you don’t win everyone can get 15% off a case by using the discount code: KISS15 



matzah iphone case

This giveaway is sponsored by Sealed with a Case, but all opinions are my own.



  1. I just love the matzoh crunch that everyone has been making but there is just nothing like my dad’s matzoh brei …

  2. Matza lasagna!!

  3. The best is still peanut butter and jelly on matzah. Home made jelly and chocolate peanut butter if course!

  4. Paula Goldman says:

    Matzah Brei!!!!!!

  5. Chocolate covered matzoh with caramel and sea salt! YESSSS! I love this phone case and this giveaway. How fun.

  6. Matzo pizza–just matzo with cheese melted on top. But matzo crunch is the best for holidays!

  7. Yummers! Endless recipes. Nothing like matzo + sweet butter though. Maybe w/a touch of strawberry jam. As kids mom would let us each have a full cracker. We’d all be chomping and crunching in the backyard on our two gliders! Such great memories to pass down.

  8. Matzo Brie! <3 it.

  9. matzo ball soup

  10. Debbi Spiegel says:

    I love making chocolate matzah brittle!

  11. Delicious!

  12. Paula Goldman says:

    I liked and shared this contest!

  13. My favorite is actually made from matzah meal …. Potato pudding (kugel). Yum! If you are taking straight matzah, I made a mean matzah stuffing.

  14. I liked the facebook page and shared the post with an active private facebook group!

  15. Matzo Brittle! YUM! Matzo + chocolate + caramel = AWESOMENESS!

  16. Matzo brei

  17. Matzah and eggs mixed with some nice kosher corned beef.

  18. My Favorite is just plain ole big flavorful Matzah Balls & soup!

  19. Larry Weisberg says:

    I’m still a fried matzoh boy… a little egg, a little oil… and little maple syrup… yummy for my tummy.

  20. Carolyn Savitzky says:

    Actually I have three.. Matza brie, matza pizza and matza covered with toffee and chocolate..
    (Boil together 1/2 lb of butter and 1 cup sugar to make toffee. Pour over 4 sheets of matza on foilmcovered baking sheet, then bake for 10 minutes in 350° oven. Remove from oven. Spread with chocolate chips which melt on top of the warm toffee.)

  21. Pamela Rose says:

    hands down, Matzo brei. Just delicious.

  22. Rafi Bloch says:

    Just shared and tweeted. What a Jewcy contest!! Happy Pesach!

  23. Just shared to Facebook! Let’s do this.

  24. broccoli, carrot, red pepper (or not), mushroom (or not), garlic, salt, pepper, EVOO, egg, matzo meal; blend, form into patties, and grill! DELISH!

  25. Andrea Bossoni says:

    My current matzo favorites are chocolate-covered caramel matzo crunch and sautéed matzo balls, which I make with leftover matzo balls. But even salty sometimes, it depends on the moment :)

  26. wish this case was available for other phones.

  27. I LOVE matzo brei!

  28. matzah crack!

  29. My wife’s fried Matza (Matza Brei) with grilled salami and some spicy mustard!

  30. i make a chocolate toffee covered matazoh and i LOVE IT (and would totally make it year round but it involves a lot of butter!)

  31. Wendy Sisung says:

    Matzo and cream cheese in the morning

  32. Matzah toffee crunch of course. It’s really the only way I want to eat matzah.

  33. Holly Hollander says:

    The matza kugel I made last night!

  34. matzoh pizza-a little tomato sauce, alittle cheese shmeared on a matzoh and baked at 350 for about 10 minutes.yum!

  35. Shared on Facebook. Already liked. Still do.

  36. Wendy Sisung says:

    liked and shared. Good luck to all!

  37. Holly Hollander says:

    Liked and shared

  38. (see above comment for recipe) just liked and shared as well. thanks!

  39. Matzah and homemade guacamole! And matzvah brie!

  40. My dear friend Orit’s eggplant Matza lasagna with tons of cheese, tomatoes, egglplants and zucchini, with just a touch of spice and sweetness. AWEsome.

  41. Matzo brei with maple syrup has to be my favorite! Growing up my mom made the best matzo brie. She cooked for an army so there was always some left over. We put it outside and the blue jays would come and eat it because it was so delicious!

  42. 1. My mother’s matzah brie
    2. Chocolate buttercrunch matzah
    3. Mina de pesach with matzah and ground lamb

  43. Larry Weisberg says:

    Shared and posted – Boom!

  44. Becci Craig says:

    I have always loved my mother’s brisket on matzoh as a sandwich!

  45. I have two favorite ways to use Matzoh: Fried in buttah with lots of egg and in Matzoh “crack” the chocolate, pecan, caramel brittle.

  46. Andrea Portnoy says:

    Matza Pizza!!

  47. I just shared your post on FB

  48. Liked and shared! Whoohoo!

  49. Oh, to pick only one…can’t. Matzo Brie (my mom’s hungarian way), matzo w butter or cream cheese and jam and our family’s favorite – Matzo Pizza. Simple.

  50. Mark Szlukier says:

    Matzo pizza is the best!

  51. Shelly Tate says:

    Fried Matza!!!

  52. Matzo brei- with cheddar cheese, sour cream, chives. It’s so good!

  53. Kimberly Snyder says:

    Oh how I love matzoh brie! It almost makes it worth giving up bread…

  54. Kimberly Snyder says:

    And shared!

  55. Chop celery into very small cubes. Place into a bowl of drained canned tuna. Mix the tuna and celery generously with mayonaise. Place mixture on matzo.


    Tuna on matzo.

  56. Tami Brockway Joyce says:

    My grandma’s fried matzoh! Which is matzoh brei, only we never called it that.

  57. Tami Brockway Joyce says:

    Liked WWJE!

  58. matzo brie!!! it has been a favorite forever!

  59. Definitely matzoh brei! I eat it all year round.

  60. Matzoh Roca

  61. Sharon Solove says:

    I don’t know the name, though it’s a chocolate and sugary covered matzah goodness my sister-in-law makes.

  62. Veronica Ioselev says:

    There is nothing, NOTHING, better than matzoh ball soup fresh from your parent’s kitchen. A matzoh at its best!!

  63. My mom’s chocolate matzoh cake :) YUMMMI

  64. my moms matzoh ball soup…or matzoh crack…or matzoh brei with melted Brie and homemade chunky applesauce! I love matzoh

  65. My favorite recipe with matzo is Latin-american Matzo Pizza: matzo with tomato sauce, mozzarella, sweet corn, onion, avocato, mushrooms, olives and oregano. (plus salt and pepper).

  66. Steve Westman says:

    My wife’s chocolate matzah crunch is better than most chometz!

  67. matzoh brei or cream cheese and jelly sandwich on matzoh!

  68. Granola using matzah farfel and lots of honey!

  69. Potato Pancakes with Matzo Meal. (Sorry I am not a big matzo meal)

  70. Tzippy leichter says:

    Fried pieces of matzah with spices to make ferfel

  71. Matzo stuffing-a family tradition!

  72. apple matzoh kugle and of course, my open face tuna melt. Yummy!!!

  73. Janis Quaile says:


  74. I make a matzoh torte with egg matzohs, dipped in wine, with chocolate frosting between the layers – totally parve.

  75. Chocalate Toffey Matzah!!

  76. Kelsey Wolf says:

    matzah brei or Matzah muffins

  77. Matzoh Crunch

  78. Matzo with butter and my mom’s Matzo Brei with cinnamon and her Matzo Balls!

  79. Matzah crunch is definitely my favorite!

  80. What’s my favorite mazah dish?
    Everything with matzah is delish!
    But my fav is matzah brie,
    This Peseach give it a try!

  81. Mock Kugel with apples & cinnamon

  82. Dark chocolate covered matzo, nice and cold

  83. PS Liked & shared on FB too!

  84. matzo w/cream cheese, then a sliced picke and a sprinkle of fresh dill….great snack!

  85. The best is matzah toffee!!

  86. Hmmm – can’t choose between matzah brei or chocolate covered matzah!!! Thanks for doing this!

  87. Chocolate cover version please???

  88. Matzoh brie

  89. Charlie Friedman says:

    Matzah brei, not sweetened, just with a little salt. Lower blood pressure can wait for Pesach to end!

  90. Annette rachlin says:

    I love chocolate toffee matzah. It’s very easy to make and disappears in 5 minutes!

  91. What’s your favorite recipe with matzo?

    *** Matzah Toffee Brittle ***

    Matzah, butter, brown sugar,vanilla, chocolate chips, pecans. YUM!!!

  92. Matzoh, broken up, drizzled in melted chocolate, mixed with mini marshmallows, and set in cupcake liners to harden the chocolate….mmmmmm

  93. Shmurah Matzah shmeared with butter or cream cheese. I am a purist.

  94. I already subscribe to your blog. Its fun!

  95. Matzah toffee crunch!

  96. I subscribe to your emails.

  97. This is my favorite matzoh recipe: Amazing Passover Chocolate Toffee Matzo not just for Passover either:
    Love the iPhone case – how inventive!

  98. matzoh toffee crunch

  99. Laura lyons says:

    Peanut butter and jelly on matza

  100. My favorite matzoh meal recipe is chicken schnitzel.

  101. O. M. G. That is really too funny! I’m a droid user, not iPhone, so don’t enter me. But favorite recipe with matzoh…the Hub says his is Hillel sandwiches. I asked for specifics and he said “It’s the Hillel sandwich” as though that explained it all. I love those, too. We also like something called “fried matzoh” which, according to my MIL, is like French toast. I don’t see it. To me, it’s more like scrambled eggs with matzoh in it and so I have affectionately dubbed the dish “matzoh eggs.” Either way, it’s a good one and you can do it sweet or savory. He likes sweet; I prefer savory – go figure.

  102. I make a Pesach cheesecake with flavored matzah crust. Yum!

  103. Definitely love Matzo Ball Soup and Matzo Pizza. yumm!!

  104. I already signed up to your blog. :)

  105. P.S- liked and Jew did!

  106. Malkie Zamore says:

    Matzah Brie

  107. Fried matzo balls!!

  108. Lola Suvak says:

    Soup of course!

  109. I absolutely love matzo brei and also matzo ball soup!

    Thank you for your kind and generous giveaway.

  110. My favorite matzo recipie is:
    Two matzo’s one well beaten egg with a tablespoon of milk, on small onion, no salt or other condiments, fry in a pan with olive oil until done to taste. Eat with passover whipped real butter, or other butter.

  111. Paula Goldman says:

    Subscribed to emails!

  112. Simple guy: Matzah Brei!

  113. Zechariah says:

    Matzo ball soup!

  114. Matzah and butter. Matza brei. Matzah pizza.

  115. I’ve done both.

  116. racelle rosett says:

    Done and Done. My friend Karen makes crazy good matzoh toffee candy I’ll ask her for the recipe.

  117. chopped liver. no, wait, cream cheese and salmon. NO, wait . . .

  118. Dara Herman Bailey says:

    Matzo pizza is my favorite!! I did both!

  119. I like you on Fb!

  120. Mexican Matzah Brei Omlelet…Que Rico. That’s yummy in Spanish .

  121. Matzah crunch candy! We eat it year round!

  122. francine says:

    I repined it!

  123. francine says:

    I like WJWE on Facebook!

  124. francine says:

    I subscribe too.

  125. I gotta go with migas matzah–viva la Pesach! I’ve pinned, posted, emailed and tweeted this every which way, gotta have one!

  126. Your new DEEP FRIED MATZAH BALLS. Can’t wait to try it.

  127. matzah with hummus or matzah with habanero sauce
    THANKS SHALOM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. my mind is crunching, my phone needs some classic Jewness and spread some awareness.

  129. Love matzah brie, eat it almost every day during the holiday.

  130. RGerber says:

    Matza ball soup, matza pizza, matza crunch, matza brie, and stomach medicine

  131. Ron Hillman says:

    Matzah is great with everything for about two days!!! I love matzah ball soup!!!

  132. Matzo Crack!

  133. I am classic…love matzo brei!

  134. I follow you on FB already :)

  135. I also follow you on PInterest!! Ahhhh LOVE this case perfect for my ITouch..haha

  136. Liked on Facebook

  137. Subscribed to newsletter

  138. Pinned to Pinterest.

  139. There are soo many great ones, but I always fall back to the old standard of matzo with sweet cream butter. My Grandma used to make that for us, as a snack, so it brings back wonderful memories of her!

  140. Shared Link on FB

  141. liked WWJE on fb

  142. subscribed via email

  143. My little ones enjoy helping make Matzah Pizza!! It’s a must for us during passover!! Plus the fact that my husband and son love Matzah and eat it year round!

  144. Signed up to follow on Facebook.

  145. Following on Pinterest and pinned!!

  146. Subscribed to the email. :)

  147. So happy to see a Texan Jew with such a great site!! Texan Jews Unite! ;)

  148. Lara Rykiss says:

    I have a great Matzo Lasagna Recipe

  149. Can’t go wrong with a schmear of Nutella but I’m also a huge matzo brie fan. Con hongos.

  150. Sarah Nicole says:

    Matza butter crunch

  151. Sarah Nicole says:

    Following on Pinterest and repinned!

  152. Sarah Winston says:

    Shared on Facebook!
    Matzoh ball soup!

  153. Rivkah T says:

    Matzo brei :)

  154. I can’t resist chocolate and caramel covered matzah! Love that case!

  155. Matzo with Tuna salad. My mom put it in my lunchbox!

  156. matzah pizza is so easy. a little sauce a little ,some fresh veggies, sprinkle a little cheese,broil for about 5 mins.voila,matzoh pizza.!

  157. Nicolette Glebatis says:

    I love matzah pizzas…always a staple/my go to!

  158. Always loved matzah with a little cream cheese and honey…great for an anytime snack!

  159. Matzah brie!

  160. Brandon Poland says:

    Matzo brei!

  161. Lucy Fox says:

    I love Matzo Mina which is a Sephardy Matza Pie layered with chicken and veggies. Yummy

  162. I SHARED! I love peanut butter and jelly matzoh sandwiches!

  163. Jodi Eligberg says:

    Cinnamon matza balls! Yes, it’s true. They are great in chicken soup. Old family tradition. Take matza balls made the night before, allow to cool/dry in fridge, then roll in cinnamon & sugar and bake in the oven until crusty. Ounds weird but truly yummy!

  164. Matza crack

  165. I know the contest is over bu tI must add… Fried Matza. Best breakfast ever.

  166. I love it all, but it’s not Pesach without matzo ball soup at that first night seder. Hands down.


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