Giveaway: There’s Jews in Texas?

Jews in Texas

I’ve got a fun giveaway for y’all today: a book of poems written by Texas Jew Debra Winegarten. There’s Jews in Texas? is the winner of the Winner of the 2011 Poetica Magazine national poetry contest. But you don’t have to be Texan or Jewish to appreciate these poignant and often funny poems on what it’s like growing up a Jew in Dallas. Here is a little review from The Jewish Book Council:

To Debra Winegarten, living as a Jew means being “different” from everyone. No, this isn’t a pity party for herself; Winegarten accepts her difference and uses her gutsy strength and sense of humor to embrace her identity along with all the losses and loves known during the journey. She is funny and compassionate. In “Second Grade, Part One” she describes how she was assigned a locker with a Negro (the word was politically correct at that time) and rather than take it as a sign of rejection she decided it was because they were meant to take care of each other. Or the resignation of buying the Thanksgiving turkey that now, with her mother gone, inspires her to set a spot at the table, like creating a space for Elijah. Love is sacred in these and the remainder of this too-brief collection. Keep writing, Ms. Winegarten; the honesty, humor, and poignancy of your poetry deserve to reach more readers.

Neat, right? These poems are really well written, heart-felt and I think you will love it! Makes a great gift too.


It’s that’s easy! You have until 11:50pm CT on Wednesday, February 20th to enter. US entrants only. Thanks!







  1. I Facebook-liked the FB pages for “What Jew Wanna Eat?” and “There’s Jews in Texas?”

  2. Sounds like a wonderful book! Liked you both!

  3. Steve Bernstein says:

    Need a companion for “Live and Knishes”. And from the photos looks like someone is gonna have a tasty, fattening, Purim.

  4. Being Jewish and Texan how could I not “like” both FB pages!!

  5. Bruce Alter says:

    I agree with you. I’m not Texan, but I have a son and cousins in Austin, plus cousins in Dallas, Georgetown, and Houston, so maybe I’m sort of Texan by relation.

  6. I liked both pages. Love your emails.

  7. i liked both

  8. Jennifer Morrison says:

    I liked both pages, commented on both pages so hopefully third time’s the charm! Poetry with the Nutella hamantaschen would be a fantastic combo for Purim! :)

  9. Charlie Friedman says:

    I liked both pages on Facebook. One sort-of famous, if not infamous, Jewish Texan is Kinky Friedman (no known relation to me.)

    Charle Friedman, Round Rock

  10. Funny! My daughter, (a 27 year old Jewish tattoo artist lives in Austin, Texas). I remember the day she called me and said……….”Mom, I have a boyfriend….and he is “THE ONLY” Jewish guy in Texas. (a Jewish tattoo Chef at a High End Restaurant). His parents from Israel thought both kids were a little nutty….lol
    My daughter asks me….”You happy mom? I met a Jewish guy in Texas. I said…..”I don’t know, Ali….”does he make YOU happy”? (then a mom is ‘really’ happy)!

    I would love to read this book!

    WHERE do I get it?

    elyse Walters (on Goodreads)

    • Haha I love that story, Elyse! I’va actually met lots of Jews here in Austin! The book title is hyperlinked above, but here is the link as well to order:

      • elyse walters says:

        I’m pretty sure we have a paypal (haven’t used it) — if you had other charge cards –I would have bought it now —but I’ll wait and ask my husband later. (we are out tonight though when he gets home from work) . I’m about to leave soon (to the JCC) — but will check back later.

        Nice to meet you Amy!

        As for the hyperlink? (I’m so challenged when it comes to computers)…….lol just an old fart!

  11. Sharon Solove says:

    Love both these pages!

  12. GoGo LaTata says:

    You know I LOVE you and your site, Amy, but I also love the Jews in Tejas site. I was a Chinese-Jew in Tejas and that was a whole lot of fun (sarcasm…). My Taiwanese madre made the freaking BEST gefilte fish in the world and that is the one thing I ne’er learned to make from her repetoire that I am sad I didn’t learn.
    P.S. My gribenses (sp?) was/were amazing…

  13. Done and done :-) LIKED both sites! Texas was our first home when we immigrated from Argentina. We lived in Houston for almost two years. The family had a hard time getting used to the local BBQ style- it was the showdown between the chimichurri and the sweet, tangy stuff!

    • Thanks, Mirta! Funny that you say that, I went to an “Argentina vs Texas” cook-off at The Salt Lick last year. It was a tough call! I went to Buenos Aires last year and LOVED it. One of my favorite cities in the world!

  14. Kerry Hancock says:

    Have done both….I’m new to all this as I was adopted as a baby & have just found out in the last few days that my Mum was in fact Jewish…that amazes me cos I’ve always felt a very strong pull towards the Jewish people..thank you for this site as it’s helping me & your’re the 1st ppl I’ve told about my family discovery.

    • Wow, Kerry, thanks so much for sharing! I’m excited to be a part of your journey. That’s interesting because I was just talking to a fellow Jew about how she is drawn to Jews as well- a combination of nervousness, confidence and humor she says. Hope you enjoy my recipes!

  15. I liked both pages on facebook, now i’m hoping to win a book!

  16. Gotta love a book like “There’s Jews in Texas?”!

  17. Paula Watamanuk-Goldman says:

    Just found your site and can’t wait to get started! I call myself a “New Jew” although feel it was always meant to be. I love to cook/bake and am excited to try some recipes for Purim. I like both pages on FB so I am in the running. Thanks for all your great recipes Amy.

  18. I just “liked” both pages on FB…love your site and loooooove your recipes! There are so many that remind me of my Grandmom’s…can’t wait to try making a few :)

  19. Liked them both!

  20. Liked There’s Jews in Texas. My grandparents, father, and aunts were Jews in Texas. Dad graduated from UT.

  21. Miranda Burnett says:

    Liked both! Native Texan here in exile in the paradise of Virginia!


  23. I like both. If I win I think I will give the book to my sister who lives in Texas.

  24. I liked both and will tell others to like them as well. Nice book!

  25. I already ‘like’ your blog and just now ‘liked’ the ‘There’s Jews In Texas?’ blog. I’d love to win the book, being that I’ve lived in Texas 30 years now and I’m Jewish. Thanks!


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