WJWE’s Mother’s Day Gift to You: A New Bubbe Video!

Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there- especially my Mom and Bubbe! Growing up we always ate pretty healthy- salads, chicken, schmaltz. But we always had M&Ms around. Mom loved them! Especially the peanut ones. Because peanuts= protein= healthy! So this year, I surprised Mom with some of these personalized M&Ms. You can pick the colors you want, and your own sayings and photos right on the M&Ms! Neat-o. Of course Mom was like “Oy your faces are all over them! I can’t eat these!!!” Oy is right.

Mother's Day

Here is a closer look- do you see me???

Mother's Day

Cool, huh? As luck would have it, my brother was home and Bubbe was over when my Mom received her gift. So we have a new Bubbe video! And being the sneaky devil that he is, he recorded the present opening unbeknownst to Mom and Bubbs. My favorite part is when they realize they are being filmed! It’s too good!

Hope all the Moms and Bubbes out there have the best day ever!!!