WJWE Review: Shanghai Restaurant Austin

Decent Dim Sum in Austin- who knew?? As if I need another reason to love Texas (besides two-stepping and an abundance of belt buckles, of course). Back in NYC, we frequented Chinatown for weekend brunches- picking out dozens of tasty dumplings from a cart for a few dollars, and praying we didn’t accidentally choose chicken’s feet (delicious I am sure). I have previously complained that while Jews love Chinese food, unfortunately Austin is lacking, but I take it all back now that I have visited Shanghai Restaurant. I didn’t take any photos, for fear that my date would think I was weirder than I am sure he already does, but I did steal this one from Yelp, so surely that counts for something.

We stuck with mostly dumplings, which were all super awesome, especially the shrimp (sorry Kosher kids yet again), the pork and shrimp (double whammy) and the crab (no comment). I stayed far away from the bible tripe, but I am sure it is also scrumptious. And our waitress hardly made fun of the large mass of food we ordered (well in English at least)- friendly staff, a bonus!

Do you have any favorite restaurant finds??

Don’t worry, I will be back with a brand Jew recipe later this week- make sure to stay tuned! Have a lovely week.



  1. bubbe says

    My my going international on your loyal followers…..can’t wait for a brand jew recipe next week. You and your blog are gorgeous! Or as your zadie used to say….what can jew do about anything?

    • says

      Jew know as well as anyone that Jews LOVE Chinese food! I will have a new recipe up by the end of this week for y’all.

  2. says

    Jew are so right! My brother eats Chinese at least 4 times per week. Jew know it is not healthy, so does he, but oh well! Like you new Challah header!

  3. Kylie says

    Oh, good grief! I had no idea this blog existed and did not need another reason to adore you! Thank you for making my day, Amy. Can’t wait to add your take on Bubbe’s recipes to the repertoire in our latinogringo household.