WJWE in the News!


Happy Friday the 13th, y’all! I wanted to pop in and say hello and share with you some of WJWE’s newsworthy events as of late! You may or may not have seen on Facebook that I was on the news talking about Jew food! I made my Apples, Honey and Goat Cheese Crostini and Honey Spice Cake with Pomegranate Glaze on KXAN Austin. Missed my debut? You can watch it right now:

I was also on the Pure Pollino radio show chatting it up at minute 41 about Rosh Hashanah!

Nektar NaturalsI also did some recipe development with my friends at Nektar Naturals. Check them out for yourself!



Austin ChronicleAnd my latest articles for the Austin Chronicle are out! I wrote about how to “Eat Like The Chosen People” and reviewed the new cookbook Balaboosta. If you live in Austin, Central Market is offering a class with Einat Admony, author of Balaboosta on September 25th. You should come, I’ll be there!




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    Hi Amy. It’s my 1st time on your blog. WOW, you did so awesome on camera! So confident! Good for you. I would probably just pee my pants.:) Lovely blog. Btw, my husband is Jewish too but I’m not, so we don’t cook Jew’s food, just Ukrainian with a North American twist LOL. No, we just eat healthy. But I will check back for some Jewish recipes if I ever want to surprise my husband, if he deserves it.:) Kidding.