WJWE Hanukkah Wish List and a Giveaway!!

Today marks two years that I have been blogging here at WJWE. Hooray! What started off as a hobby when I was bored at my desk job lead to quitting to go to culinary school. Now I’m writing, developing recipes and teaching cooking classes like a champ! Living the dream, my friends. Living the dream. But I really couldn’t do it if people (besides my loyal Bubbe, of course) read my blog. Thanks so much for checking out my recipes week after week! Jew are the best. And as a thank you, I have a special giveaway for one reader! Scroll to the bottom to enter!!

Now, are y’all ready for Hanukkah? You bet I am! My latkes are in the fryer and wish list all set for Hanukkah Harry. Hopefully I’m on the good list this year. What am I hoping for? Happy you asked! Here are a few of my favorite things.

Like any chef, I love to check out new cookbooks. And The Mile End Cookbook is one of my favorites this year! Chock full of deli favorites, everything from making your own pickles and curing meats to challah cinnamon buns. Not convinced you must own this cookbook? Two words for you: lamb bacon. You’re welcome.

Jerusalem is another cookbook worth its weight in gelt.  It explores the Christian, Muslim and Jewish food of the city and includes over 100 recipes that combine the ethnicities into unique dishes with gorgeous photos. Love!

Um what’s not to love about these chopsticks? The saying- Jewish is the new black- flawless. Plus, how perfect will these be for noshing on your Christmas Eve Chinese food? I’m going to get a pair for each member of the Kritzer clan!


Of course I had to include my favorite Geltfiend Spinster Sweater on my list! It’s about friggin time the chosen people have their own pretty Hanukkah sweater to compete with all the ugly Christmas sweaters. Am I right or am I right? As it says on their site “Everything is better in a Chanukah Sweater”.

hebrew necklace

For the Jew who has everything, how about a Diamond Hebrew Letter? I knowwwww. Super cute. Who wants to get me an aleph?

Jewish calendar

This Nice Jewish Guys Calendar is pretty much porn for Jewish ladies. With a different mensch for each month, Bubbe will be so proud. Mr. October? What a stud!

schlep tote bag

Now you can schlep in style with this Schlep Tote bag! Perfect for schleping groceries, or bagels, or dreidels? Whatever.

yiddish magnets

yiddish magnets

And last but not least, remember when I stalked Yiddish Magnets in Athens? Now they can be mine- and your too!! One reader will win their own set.

To Enter: 

Enter by 12:00 pm CT on Tuesday, December 11th and I’ll pick a winner the 12th! USA entries only. 




This giveaway is sponsored by me because I love you! The links in this post are affiliate links. Think of it as a Hanukkah gift to me. :)



  1. Rebecca says

    Simple, but I love the challah recipe! Also, those magnets are too cute and I’m sure my roommate would love it if i brought them home! Happy chanukah! :-)

  2. Marcia says

    Your savory caramelized onion hamentashen…inspired! I have made them several times with different fillings—delish!

  3. Bubbe says

    I cannot possibly pick my favorite recipe kinder – they are all perfection – just like you!!! Mazel on two years of blogging – you have made the world a better place – true jew tikkun olam!

  4. says

    I’ve made several recipes from your blog. In fact, I’d say your blog is probably the one I’ve made more recipes from than any other. One of my favorites is your General Tso’s chicken, although I didn’t have oyster sauce. I’m going to try it again with oyster sauce after I buy some, and do a taste-test! One recipe I’ve been dying to try but haven’t yet is your Black Bean Falafel Patties! I think I will try them next week. (Although I will probably substitute canned beans because I already have those in my pantry.)

  5. Holly Doran says

    I’d have to go with Chicken Schnitzel with Jalapeno Cilantro Cream Sauce because I’m a hopeless chilehead :-)

  6. says

    Favorite recipes are your hammantaschen (sp?)- especially the savory ones. I LOVE how innovative your recipes are. And I need these magnets :)

  7. Shirra H. says

    I loved the brisket with pomegrante relish for Rosh Hashanah. And I followed you on Instagram. I already liked you on Facebook!

  8. Caleigh Rathmell says

    My brother only recently introduced me to your site, and I love getting your email updates and reading the topics you cover. I am especially excited to make your babaganoush over the holidays as my fiance’s parents are disappointed Sabra no longer makes one. I’m going to surprise them with homemade babaganoush and I know it will be a hit!! Thanks for the detailed pictures and video as it will be more successful when I make it.

  9. says

    My favorite is potato latke pizza, OMG!!! I just recently discovered your blog, and I also just recently went Kosher. I love the creativity of your recipes, so I take them and make them kosher and my family loves them! I also LOVE your step-by-step pictures. :)

  10. Neilu says

    Congratulation on your achievement. Great Job..I just love cooking and trying/ tasting different cuisine; therefore, love Jewish food since already is multi-cultural. Being from Iran and living in California, we have many Jewish friends . Unfortunately they can not introduce me to Jewish food since the Iranian cook Persian- Jewish food ( Which I already know) and the Americans are not into Jewish cooking. Through your blog and few Jewish cook books that I have , I get a lot of Ideas. Jewish food is great not only because it is multi-cultural, but also the ingredients are mainly basic, loved by almost everyone. Personally I’m a very picky eater ,myself and am extremely cautious about the food we eat. Thank you very much and am looking forward to see more recopies ( mainly traditional Jewish foods related to festivities)

  11. Stacey S. says

    It is so hard to pick one recipe on your site. I love them all they are so creative and delicious. I think I will make the coconut latkas because I love coconut and latkas and what could be better.

  12. FaithRobin Buchin says

    Interested in gluten-free recipes and would have to say Grilled Vegetable Quinoa Salad.

  13. says

    Can’t even begin to pick a favorite recipe…Mexican potato latkes were probably my first favorite here. Recently have loved those thanksgiving benedicts and latke benedicts. Can you tell I love latkes and benedict? Ha. That Jerusalem book looks awesome – fascinating because our family is Catholic and Jewish in one home and I have several books on the topic of those two (plus the Muslim) religions, their common links, associatons with the Holy Land. LOVE. Jewish refrigerator poetry? There’s a good one – add to our other sets for even more fun. The Chinese Food on Christmas made me laugh…not just because we’ve done that (thank God for something that’s open!) but because the Hub’s family does “Chinese Hanukkah” and does takeout Chinese for dinner – a fun family thing. Some relatives love it, some don’t. We think it’s great fun.

  14. Jessica says

    Nutella Rugelach!!! However, I must hide the Nutella or the kids will eat it before I make them:)

  15. says

    The latkes egg benedict had me drooling, but your gefilte fish recipe made me think of home. I love everything you make!

  16. says

    And to you, too! So we’re having the Hub’s family for dinner on Wednesday and latkes are on the menu. Wondering if prepping the potatoes and vegetables (doing traditional and a carrot/beet latke) for the latkes the night before would work – any thoughts?

    • says

      Well the potatoes will get gray if left overnight so I wouldn’t unless you like gray latkes. But the beet and carrots should be okay! If anything, I would prefer to make the latkes ahead of time and reheat them at 450 for 5 minutes or so until crispy. But, ideally, latkes are served immediately after making.

  17. Hannah says

    no instagram (I’m practically a bubby) and I liked you on fb but I’ve just discovered you and havent made anything yet. You’re adorable and I can’t wait to learn more about you and your blog. So no specific recipe but there will be one day soon I’m sure. Oh, and I pinned this contest!

  18. says

    Loving your blog! I am a new follower and can’t wait to try them all! Congratulations and thank you for sharing these treasure!
    I will choose the sea salted chocolate gelt for today :)