What Jew Wanna Eat on TV!

Hey y’all! Just a quick post to share with you my first (of many) TV appearances! A few weeks back, I was featured on YNN, a local Austin station, chatting about blogging and Jew food. Each clip is only a few minutes long. Check them out and let me know what you think!

Part I

Part II

Some behind the scenes images!

wjwe on tv

wjwe on tv



  1. Love it!!! You were perfect! haha Now we need to do our G+!

  2. You are a natural at this Amy!! I can see a cooking show on a food network channel soon.

  3. These are soooo GREAT!!! The camera loves you Amy!! Also I love your sparkle shoes.

  4. Love it Amy!!! Remember us when you get super famous!!!!

  5. This is great. You look hot.

  6. Awesome, Amy! :)

  7. Great job Amy C!!

  8. Alana Garza says:

    Absolutely Fabulous! You are a natural! :) I loved watching it.

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