Top 10 WJWE Recipes of 2013

Happy New Year 2014 y’all!! If you are anything like me (lucky you), then you are spending today curled up on the couch in the fetal position, wondering whether that second bottle glass of champagne was a good idea. (It wasn’t.) Do you make resolutions? I like to make realistic ones. Like last year mine were to read more books, and drink nicer wine. Check and check!

I thought it would be a great day to show you my most popular recipes of 2013 and let you know I am PUMPED about 2014. I’ve got some winners lined up for you. Oh boy do I!! Any requests?

Here are the ten most popular recipes on What Jew Wanna Eat in 2013, in very particular order. If you like my recipes, now would be a super time to follow me on Facebook or Pinterest or subscribe to my emails. Thanks so much for reading!!

Nutella Rugelach

10. Nutella Rugelach

Hello, lover. The recipe when you want to impress a special girl/boy/your mom. With a flaky cream cheese dough, and lots of chocolate hazelnut filling, what more could you want?? These cookies could only be improved if they sang show tunes and did the dishes for you after.


9. Garlic Mashed Potato Knishes

I’m really glad this recipe made the list, because it’s not the prettiest thing out there, but looks can be deceiving. Picture flaky pastry dough filled with mashed potatoes, and the secret ingredient (schmaltz). I fear knishes may be a dying food, and have been tempted to start a knish only food truck in Austin. But the positive response to this recipe gives me hope!!

Bourbon and Coffee Braised Brisket with Cranberry Sauce

8. Bourbon and Coffee Braised Brisket with Cranberry Sauce

This one is seriously one of my favorite recipes I have ever made. And not just because it means I get to crack into the bourbon in the morning. I’ve made it quite a few times now, and every time people tell me it is the best food they have ever eaten. What more do you need to hear? And I live in Texas, land of the smoked brisket. Braised Brisket for President!

Apples, Honey & Goat Cheese Crostini

7. Apples, Honey and Goat Cheese Crostini

This quicky Rosh Hashanah recipe has been pinned over 4,000 times and I can see why. It’s easy, sweet, a little tart, and always a crowd pleaser. Just like your sister! (Just kidding. Maybe my resolution will be to watch my mouth.)

Kale Salad with Goat Cheese, Avocado and Tahini Dressing

6. Kale Salad with Goat Cheese, Avocado and Tahini Dressing

I can’t tell you enough how delicious this recipe is. Creamy avocado, tart goat cheese, crunchy sunflower seeds and an earthy hummus inspired dressing. OMG!!

Potato Latkes Eggs Benedict

5. Potato Latkes Eggs Benedict

Take normal Eggs Benedict, which is already pretty darn awesome, and swap out the wimpy English muffin for fried potato latkes, add homemade lox, poached eggs and an herby Hollandaise sauce, and you have a breakfast of champions. Raise your hand if you want this right meow!

Fermented Red Cabbage

4. Homemade Red Cabbage Sauerkraut

I love that this recipe made top four recipes of 2013. Because fermentation is so hot right now! Besides the fact that it’s neon pink, and neon food just tastes better (truth), making your own sauerkraut is easy and delicious and makes you feel all sorts of domestic. Bubbe will be so proud! I put mine on Tongue Tacos. Really!

Manischewitz Ice Cream

3. Manischewitz Ice Cream

No words needed.

Homemade Lox Recipe

2. Homemade Lox

Jew can do it! Make your own lox, then make your own homemade bagels, then revel in the best meal known to man. I don’t miss the cold from living in NYC, but I sure do miss the breakfast…

challah back girl

1. Rainbow Challah Bread!

Challah! Girl you know it’s true, rainbow challah bread is the best way to ring in a gay pride shabbat, or for a kid’s birthday party, or just for the heck of it. A few people didn’t like the unnatural dyes used, and I get it. But pretty colors!!!

Did I miss your favorite WJWE recipe? Tell me! Promote your blog in 2014!



  1. Sheila Gurwitch says

    Happy New Year, Amy! Thank you for these fabulous recipes, and as always, the inspiration!

  2. says

    I say “meh” to those who didn’t like those dyes, that challah isn’t feckin awesome. Mazal mazal on a wonderful year!