SXSW ’13, Chobani, PSPendants and a Manischewitz Giveaway!!

Could I squeeze anything else into this post if I tried? I think not! I’m nearly recovered from the shenanigans that are SXSW. Look at me writing in full sentences and everything! I mean just yesterday this post would have gone something like this: “Food. Pictures. Food. Look. Yum. Mazel!” Hardly award winning content. This week was chock full of music, frolicking, booze iced tea, awesome food and even a celebrity sighting or two! If you could care less about my free time, at least scroll down to the bottom for a Manischewitz giveaway!! Everyone wins.

First up, the lovely folks at Chobani invited me and some other Austin bloggers to a yogurt themed dinner at Parkside. Each of the five courses was made from Chobani! I already love using their yogurt on latkes or in tzatziki so it was cool to see it in dishes like chilled avocado soup or in yogurt jerky. You read that right. Yogurt jerky! Must. Recreate. Now. Check out the hashtag #chobaniatx on Twitter or Instagram for more beautiful photos from the attendees.

chobani austin dinner

Great start to the week, right? The next day my brother Andy landed in Austin for SXSW. If you are not familiar, SXSW is a conference/music/interactive festival that takes over the city and gets bigger and bigger every year. I’m already scared for 2014! We go to the music portion (4 years running!), and there is literally a band in every bar/store/supermarket/corner/parking lot. Like I said, it takes over! Perfect for an ADD festival goer such as myself who can’t stand in the same spot for long.

sxsw st paddy's

Artsy, eh? How happy are these kids?

sxsw stubbs

So happy. Well, minus the weirdos behind us. We saw dozens of bands at small venues holding a few dozen people, to massive spaces like Stubbs where we saw Macklemore.

sxsw mackelmore

See them? No? This party was sponsored by Rachael RaySurprised? Turns out she loves Austin and finding new bands and throws the must-attend party every year. We moved up closer for Kenny Loggins.

rachael ray sxsw

Oh and look who else was taking photos of the Danger Zone– RR herself! Here is one more:

rachael ray sxsw

Love her! After Stubbs, we stalked finagled our way into Rachel’s after party at Banger’s.

rachael ray sxsw

Oh what is that cute necklace I’m wearing? I’m glad you asked! Jan, a very sweet reader who owns PSPendants sent me not one but two of her necklaces as a “thank you” for my recipes. How sweet, right? I think she put it best in her enclosed letter when she says “After all, future generations should not be deprived of heartburn and hardened arteries that come from the joys of schmaltz, matzo balls and gribenes.” Pretty much sums up WJWE! She converts stamps, including many from Israel, into beautiful one-of-a-kind necklaces! Here are some of my favorites that are currently available:


Cute right? They are totally affordable and make great, unique gifts. Anyhoo, the after party was way smaller than the main event, so you can get an idea of the contrast of SXSW. Plus, there was an open bar and free sausages! Joy! And, really great bands. You must do yourself a favor and check out Mary C and the Stellars!! Kind of a mix of R&B, soul and awesomeness. Obsessed!

mary c and the stellars

Speaking of obsessed, here is me chatting to Rachael about matzo ball soup. Seriously. I suggested she use schmaltz. I didn’t want to bother her, but my friends insisted on giving her my blog card. Well she cracked up at the name and called me over to chat. I don’t normally get too star stuck but RR is pretty much the happiest, most genuine, coolest girl around. Plus I got her approval on the new logo I’m working on. Stay tuned for that!

sxsw rachael ray

Please ignore the dreadlocks starting to form on my head. With SXSW over, it’s officially Passover! Hooray! Would you like to win all the Manischewitz goodies (except the Mediterranean matzo) show here? I bet you would!

manischewitz giveaway

That organic matzo is so so good with the almond butter! You won’t even miss the chametz.

To enter, just leave a comment answering:

  • Have you ever been to a music festival? Which one?
  • For an additional entry, Follow WJWE and Manischewitz on Facebook and leave one separate comment saying you follow both!

Good luck!





This giveaway is sponsored by Manischewitz but all opinions are my own. Contest ends Monday, March 25th at 11:59 PM CT. U.S. entrants only. 



  1. says

    I’ve been close to SXSW because I used to live in South Austin where I could walk downtown and not stress, I mean worry, I mean kvetch about the parking and the people. Now, I just enjoy from afar and go to venues that are slightly less crowded where my friends are playing. SO JEALOUS of the RR close-ups. You go, girl!

  2. says

    OOOHHH, so jealous!!!! Looks like a great time was had by all.
    Thank you so much for showing my pendants. You are now my official girl crush (after Bette Midler of course)!!!!!!
    All My Best,

  3. francine says

    I have been to the warped tour, and should’ve gone to sxsw when I was living in Texas…Organic Matzah? Didn’t know they made that and haven’t seen it in my stores.

  4. Marcia says

    yes! Hmmm can’t remember all of them (shocker!) but one of my favorites is the Saratoga Jazz Festival. Spyro Gyra, Grover Washington….so great!

  5. Joanne says

    I’ve been to the Vermont Jazz Festival and it was SO long ago! I’d love to go to SXSW! I already follow you because YOU are the best!

  6. Charlie Friedman says

    Circa 1968, I traveled to the grandfather of music festivals, Woodstock. OK, that dates me as ancient. Woodstock was a little before your time, Amy. When you talk to Andy again, ask him if he remembers my wife and me, from a mini-golf course in Vernon, CT, when the two of you were approaching your teens. My wife, Ingrid and I met your parents, you and Andy there. I have known your dad since we were both about five years old, living in Belle Harbor, across the street from each other. We re-connected with each other in Connecticut, decades later.

    Did you catch Sara Moutlon’s recipe for a “lighter” matzo ball soup in today’s Austin American-Statesman?

    Charlie Friedman

  7. Tanya says

    I haven’t been to any music festivals yet, but I’m hoping to check out Governor’s Ball in NYC this year!

  8. Gill says

    I have been to several music festivals, and it has been a while, one was bluegrass, another was folk songs, and visiting New Orleans was like going to a jazz festival in itself.

    I subscribe to your e-letter, have liked you on Facebook, and now done the same with Manischewitz.

    Thank you for offering this to your readers.

  9. Nathalie says

    ahh man I missed the spice contest but I would’ve said zaatar for sure! I have never been to a music festival :( but was at a rihanna concert recently and she was amazing! All the free goodies look AMAZING!!! :) love your site and recipes, Amy!

  10. Nathalie says

    I am following manishewitz on facebook now! I can’t believe I didn’t before :p can’t wait for summer to have friends over in the backyard and enjoy some of your manishewitz margaritas :)

  11. Sherri Singer-Stacho says

    Sad to say that I haven’t been to any music festivals but have been to many concerts. I follow you on Facebook and like Manischewitz on Facebook as well.

  12. Andi says

    I’m already following you on FB…now I’m following Manischewitz. Dare I say, too many good Pesadik recipes, not enough days!?

  13. says

    Aw I’ve never been to a music festival but I think it would be so fun! I love your site, I can’t believe that I hadn’t discovered it before. Awesome! :)

  14. Kingssing says

    I’ve gone to the Woodstock (IL) Folk music fest in the summer- most meorable part of a song: “Why am I painting my living room??…” “If I had a nickel in my nose…”
    Thanks, and Chag Sameach! Nice blog!

  15. Nathalie says

    Is it one entry per person? If not, then again I am following you and Manishewitz on facebook and twitter :) and I’ve sadly never been to a music festival :( hopefully one day soon!