Summer Borscht Video and Summer Fave Recipes

Ironically, as record highs swept the country last week, it was a brisk 97 here in Austin. Balmy! Where is my favorite fur? Do not fear, I’m sure it will be back in to the 100s in no time at all. Regardless, I think we are all ready for some light summer recipes, so I wanted to share a few of my favorites from the blog! I’ve also had some requests for more videos on WJWE (y’all must just love listening to my man voice!) so here is a video I made for a top secret WJWE project on how to make summer borscht.

What Jew think of my video? I think it would be better if Bubbe were in it of course!

Besides summer borscht, here are some other salads and light meals that are perfect for summer!

Sabich- a tasty vegetarian Israeli sandwich!

German cucumber salad– light and refreshing!

Grilled vegetable quinoa salad– eggplant, zucchini, quinoa. Love, love, love!

Potato zucchini kugel cupcakes– a WJWE classic!

Roasted almond and cranberry quinoa and bulgur salad– I just love these ancient grains!

Tabouli salad– an oldie but goodie!

What are your favorite summer recipes?