Pizza Matzo Brei #sharesabra

Not your Bubbe’s matzo brei! This Pizza Matzo Brei will blow your Passover mind!!!

Pizza Matzo Brei

Matzo Brei: yay or nay? If you aren’t familiar with matzo brei, it’s basically matzo fried in an egg mixture. You can make it sweet or savory, and it makes the perfect Passover breakfast ever. You won’t even miss the pancakes and waffles! Mmm waffles. Anyhoo, the best part about matzo brei is that it’s quick and easy. For my pizza matzo brei, I used some Sabra Turkish Salad to make it even easier! Boo yeah.

Pizza Matzo Brei

Turkish salad is a Mediterranean salad made from diced tomatoes, sweet red peppers, onions and spices. Sounds like pizza to me, right? I also added it to a fried egg, cucumber crudite, mixed with a little oil as a salad dressing or on classic matzo! What would you do with Turkish Salad?

Pizza Matzo Brei

For my pizza, I added goat cheese, oregano, chili pepper. Oh boy! So good. Check out Joy of Kosher for the full recipe!

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