Photography Session with Elizabeth Shear!

Hey friends! How is your Thursday going? Mine is splendid! I’m gearing up to shoot my first TV appearance- wish me luck! I can’t wait to share it with you. Hopefully my tourtettes doesn’t act up too much. Anyhoo, I’m nearly recovered from our 4th of July shenanigans. I felt like I needed a vacation from my vacation! A few weeks ago, my new photographer friend Elizabeth Shear contacted me about taking some food photos of WJWE recipes We made my Roasted Almond and Cranberry Quinoa Salad and my infamous Nutella Rugelach. It was a blast! Make sure to check out Elizabeth’s site for more of her awesome work. Here are a few of my favorites.

Salad prep.

WJWE-0438 copy

Ignore my roots.

WJWE-0440 copy

Choppy chop chop.

WJWE-0493 copy

Gratuitious neon nail shot.

WJWE-0532 copy

Ta da!

WJWE-0587 copy

Ignore my messy kitchen.

WJWE-0613 copy


WJWE-0614 copy

Love my KitchenAid mixer and measuring cups!

WJWE-0384 copy

It’s go dough time!

WJWE-0625 copy

The best part- Nutella!

WJWE-0693 copy

Food porn at its finest.

WJWE-0698 copy

Rolling up the rugelach.

WJWE-0732 copy

Get in my belly!

WJWE-0742 copy

Almost ready to eat!

WJWE-0758 copy

Ta da!

WJWE-0784 copy

Best. Cookies. Ever.

WJWE-0802 copy

I’d love to hear what Jew think!



      • says

        OK here goes–
        This was about 5 or so years ago. I was doing dog rescue at the time and had to meet one of the partners at a half-way point for both of us (this point was out in the “sticks”). Anyway, right before I had to go, my friend Lori stopped by with a HUGE bag of rugelach (store bought at Costco–sorry LOL). I told her she’d caught me just as I had to leave for an app’t and told her to leave the bag on my porch. She told me I better take the bag with me. I said, “Why,” and still said for her to leave them on my porch. She INSISTED I take them telling me she knows what she’s talking abou. I don’t argue with Lori–she’s bigger than I am LOL. Anyway, I throw the “ruggies” on the passenger seat and take off for my 45 min trip into the hinterlands. I get there, no Diane…well, I figured she got held up a bit (she has 8 kids–that’s ANOTHER story…and she looks good for it too). Anyway I waited and waited, got no phone texts or calls because it’s a dead area up there.

        I didn’t eat lunch before I left. I never thought I’d be this long. So I started to get ravenously hungry and it got really BAD. Then, I remember the ruggies Lori gave me and I scarfed the whole bag. BTW Diane got lost coming down there since she did not start from her house. She was going to swing by on the way back from visiting her d-i-l in the hospital who’d just given birth. She took a wrong turn. I ended up waiting 2 hrs for her and if I hadn’t had those rugelach, I would have died from starvation!!!

        Moral of the story, from Lori was…NEVER TRAVEL WITHOUT FOOD!!! Especially if you have kids LOL

        • says

          HAHA love it! One thing my mom always taught me is never travel without food- whether it is a 5 hour plane ride of a 30 minute car trip. I’ve always got at least a PB&J and a bottled water with me!