Passover Texas Style: Part Deux!

Tell me about your Seders, y’all!! Our friends-Seder was so so fun, per usual. Thanks to a rowdy crew and Manischewitz cocktails! Those two may have been related.

Passover Recap

I really love Passover. The traditions, the food, an excuse for a dinner party, horseradish on everything and four glasses of wine required. What’s not to love? This year was even more special because I had so many Seder virgins join me! And it’s always fun explaining everything to newbies. (We are talking Passover here, people.) I made these adorable napkin holders to set the scene.

Passover 3

Vegetarian Chopped Liver as an appetizer!

Passover 5

My friends at Whole Foods gave me a slew of kosher products to try! The Aviv mini matzos, Yehuda Organic Matzos, and Glicks Macaroons were all especially delicious!

passover 2

I made a brisket recipe from 4 Bloggers Dish! Now I live in Texas, so people here know brisket. And most of my gentile friends had only had smoked brisket. But they loved my red wine braised version! Yay!!

Passover Recap

Of course there was Matzah Ball Soup. I added some turmeric and truffle salt to my balls at the last second. They were delicious! These photos are from Instagram btw if y’all want more of a peak into my food and a bit of personal life. But mostly food!

Passover Recap

For dessert there was my Flourless Chocolate Cayenne Cake. Always a winner!

Passover Recap

Here is a shot of the whole crew! Well minus a few stragglers. Not a dog in the bunch!

Passover Recap

For Elijah’s cup, I used this Margarita yard from Cancun. I can’t believe he turned this sucker down!

Passover Recap

Whole Foods also gifted me this kosher chicken which I think is the reason why my matzah ball soup was the best ever! Even the gentiles gobbled it all up. Oh yeah.

passover 1

Soup shot. Hello, lover.

Passover Recap

The six stages of gefilte fish. Anticipation, fear, repulsion, terror, acceptance, success!

passover 7


Passover Recap

Searching for the afikomen.

Passover Recap

The winner!
Passover Recap

A gratuitous up close shot of my Midrash Manicure.

Passover Recap

The good stuff! I’m wearing one of my Challah Back aprons! You can get one here.

Passover Recap

Tell me. What did y’all cook up this Passover? How did you celebrate?



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    Love it! I went super simple this year since it’s just the 2 of us plus our 2-year-old. I only made a big pot of matzo ball soup and charoset.