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A Hanukkah Gift Guide Just For Jew!

Hanukkah Gift Guide Just for Jew!

Next week is Halloween week (you don’t celebrate for an entire week? Weird.) And the week after is November and you know what that means, right? It’s nearly Thanksgivukkah! Hizzah! So you better get shopping, right? Here are some gift ideas hand picked just for Jew. Jew are welcome! Obviously I have a cookbook on… read more»

Coconut Latkes with Cranberry Applesauce & Cardamom Mascarpone

Coconut Latkes with Cranberry Applesauce and Cardamom Cream

So it’s no secret I like latkes. Mexican Potato Latkes. Potato Latke Eggs Benedict. Sweet Potato Latkes. Gimme, gimme, gimme! But what’s not to like, really, about a Jewish hash brown? And now something slightly more sophisticated, with a little festive flare. I present Coconut Latkes with Cranberry Applesauce & Cardamom Mascarpone. How good do… read more»

Potato Latkes Eggs Benedict

Potato Latkes Eggs Benedict

Did y’all have a great Thanksgiving? I sure did! A bunch of friends and I got together for a vagabond Thanksgiving linner of sorts, and then headed to campus to cruise for college students tailgate for the last University of Texas home game. I made lots of goodies- turkey, of course, my pear, pomegranate and… read more»

Work With Me

Want to work with Amy of WJWE? I love collaborating with companies for products and causes I am passionate about. Here are just a few ways we can work together. I can also customize packages for you! Why work with me? WJWE has a loyal following of Jewish readers of all ages and Austin locals… read more»

Potato Latke Pizza

Potato Latkes Pizza

Merry Christmas, friends! How was your Chinese food and movie? What did y’all see? My moo shu was delicious, thanks for asking! For my gentile readers out there, did you get any fun presents? Some of you asked what Hanukkah was all about, and I’d be happy to give you a brief history! Basically, way… read more»

Mexican Potato Latkes

Tex Mex Potato Latkes

Happy almost Hanukkah (Chanukah, Hanukah, whatever)! Anything on your wish list from Hanukkah Harry or Santa? I really want one of these this year. And one of these too. And maybe one of these. But I actually already got one thing on my list- I must have been really good this year! What’s that you… read more»


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What Jew Wanna Eat TV appearances! Watch WJWE on YNN Austin: Part I Part II KXAN Austin Rosh Hashanah clip! KXAN Thanksgivukkah Clip! KXAN Purim! ) KXAN Passover! KXAN Shavuot! Bubbe Videos! Passover with Bubbe! Bubbe’s Birthday! I host live weekly cooking demos in Google+ and you’re invited! Just add me to a circle and… read more»

About WJWE

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Hi I’m Amy Kritzer and welcome to What Jew Wanna Eat! Your source for home cooked (sometimes) kosher goodness. I have always enjoyed cooking and baking, but needed a new goal, a challenge, to get back to my culinary roots. So, I called up Bubbe Eleanor and pleaded for her to send me her best recipes…. read more»