Oy Vey! Klutz Strips Giveaway!

Enter to win these Oy Vey! Klutz Strips! Being klutzy has never been so cool. Oy Vey Klutz Strips

When I shared a photo of these Oy Vey! Klutz Strips from Midrash Manicures the other day on my Facebook page, I knew they’d get a like or two. I didn’t expect over 300 likes and shares! I sure do love you people. You get me. So I did what any good friend would do (we can be friends, right?) and I asked creator Rabbi Buechler if I could could give away a set of her “Oy Vey! Klutz Strips” on my blog. Being the mensch that she is, she said yes. Yay! Just in time for Rosh Hashanah cooking/injuries. On second though, you may want to order a back-up set. 

Oy Vey Klutz Strips

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  1. cindyzs/freespiritczs says:

    these are hilarious!! do they come in giant sizes lol :D !!! personalized plate…g-kids

  2. I could definitely use a pair of those :)

  3. I’d have to hide these from my kids. They would go crazy over them.

  4. Haha, these rock!!

  5. I love these! My boyfriend (a gentile :P) makes fun of me for saying this all the time :)

  6. these band-aids are cute and funny. think my grandma would get a kick out of this lol

  7. Melissa Meltzer says:

    i would share these with me 3 year old son :)

  8. My grandson and granddaughter would benefit from these.

  9. Gr8 giveaway!

  10. Love the bandaids. You are so funny.

  11. Sheena Mawson says:

    My daughter would love these!! She is 3.5 and obsessed with band-aids. And one of her favorite toys is a dog toy that is a gefilte fish fish that says “Oy Vey!”

  12. These are fun

  13. Marnie Schwartz says:

    I’m going to share these with my grands.

  14. Barbara Leckstein says:

    I don’t want to share – I want these all for myself! Okay I will if I have to – I’ll share with the SO who actually needs this more than I do.

  15. These would be great for me and my wifie

  16. Pat Walker Pinkston says:

    I’m the klutz in the family, but I’ll share with my husband.

  17. MY KIDS

  18. perfect! keep them in the kitchen! I always need a band aid there

  19. I’d share with my friends.

  20. I would share them with my daughter. She runs Spartan races and is always banged up.

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