Culinary School Update: Part I

A few of you have asked me how culinary school has been going. I am so sorry I haven’t give you any updates at all! Minus one for me. For those of you new around here, here is my decision to quit the 9-to-5 and go to culinary school. AKA the best decision ever, besides the purchase of my turquoise cowboy boots, of course. All in all I am LOVING culinary school! Not only am I learning a lot of techniques and cooking tasty treats, but the kids in my school are all winners, and not sitting at a desk all day is just a bonus.

Here are a just a sampling of what I have made so far! I am more than half way through school, and am I little sad at how fast it’s all going by! Slow down time, please and thank you.

Agnes Sorrel- a super tasty mushroom soup.

agnes sorrelConsomme Brunoise- waaaay more complicated to make than it looks.

consummeMayo (Gag! Shudder!)

mayoBraised chicken over homemade pasta – yum!

pastaCarré d’agneau Roti- lamb two ways with polenta and ratatouille.

lambPoulet Saute Chasseur- sauteed chicken with rice pilaf, glazed turned vegetables and a compound, uh, margarine!


Darne de Saumon au Beurre Blac with Mousseline de Fenouil- grilled salmon with a beurre blanc sauce and fennil mousseline!

salmonCanard Poêlé aux Navets- duck with turned vegetables!

canardTea smoked duck breast and an Asian slaw!

smoked duck

Whew! It has been a tasty few months to say the least. Let me know if y’all have any questions about school. I would be happy to answer them! And stay tuned for part deux- bakeshop!





  1. says

    My oh my! My mouth is watering more than it does looking at baked goods! What is a turned vegetable? I would order every dish pictured here. Well, except for the mayo! Do you have your sights set on working in a particular restaurant? Or doing something else?

    • says

      Hahaha Luke Perry is a favorite side dish of mine! A turned vegetable refers to the shaped- you use a paring knife to make seven sides into a potato or carrot etc. It’s a classic French technique that I will probably never use after school! I think I want to be a personal chef for families or small dinner parties and teach cooking classes to groups and individuals. Maybe a WJWE cookbook!

  2. says

    Personal chef sounds like fun. I wish I could afford one! There was a reality show on TV about personal chefs a while back. Private Chefs of Beverly Hills or something like that.

  3. Bubbe says

    Your bubbe was slow to respond to this one. I would order EVERYTHING on the menu as long as you made it AND I would tell them my granddaughter did this all by herself!!!! You go girl!!! Yeehaw!!!


  4. Vickie says

    Great looking tomato soup recipe and spetzle is a fond childhood memory. People used to roll out strings of dough the cut them.

  5. says

    Hi Amy! I just read your post about leaving your corporate job and I am so inspired! Culinary School has definitely crossed my mind and hearing about your experience is also inspiring. I work in a super corporate job now, and I’m terrified to take the leap. Maybe one day. Would love to hear more about your experience if you ever have time to chat :)