Culinary School Update: Part Deux

(Happy Chef!)

Make sure to scroll down to the bottom for the winner of my giveaway last week!!

Welcome back for Culinary School update the sequel! (Here is part 1) I just finished up six weeks of pastry and let me tell you, I have a whole new respect for pastry chefs- especially cake decorators! I hardly had the patience to make one cake let alone dozens a day! And don’t get me started on stuffing eclairs! But I will be making more of my own breads- that stuff is just plain good. Considering I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth (I’d take a plate of steak over a plate of cookies any day of the week) I didn’t think I would love pastry class so much but I loved it!! Want to see some of my goodies? Thought so! If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, these should look familiar.

Chocolate Chip Cookies, Biscuits and Blueberry Muffins!

le cordon bleu

Baguettes and Focaccia!


Croissants, Palmiers, Cheese Straws, Danishes, and Cinnamon Buns, oh my!

pastriesSo many pastries just for me!

Veggie Quiche!


Adorable tarts!

Panna Cotta with a Caramel Spiral!

panna cottaChocolate Lava Cake with a Caramel Cage and Raspberry Coulis!

chocolate cakeCheesecake, Chocolate Truffles, Rochers, Peanut Brittle, Caramels!

cheesecakeChiffon Valentine’s Day Cake!

valentine's cake

Action Shot!

Chocolate Butter Cake with a Chocolate Glacage!

chocolate cake

Roux Souffle and a White Chocolate Butterfly!


Creme Brulee!




Rapidly melting Semifreddo- my fave!

semifreddoAs always, please email or comment with any questions- Part III will have to wait until I’m done with my next class- International Cuisine!

And now for the winner…based on random integer the winner is number 9 who is Gloria! Mazel!! Gloria, please email me at Amy at with your address and I will send you your Kosher taffy!





  1. Garber says

    Ummm, the pastries look fantastic. Can you send me one of the recipes that you think I could master with my basic culinary skills? Maybe I will wow the guests at Katie’s baby shower with some homemade treats. If not, I will just make everyone triple up on mimosas.

  2. says

    Got to the party a little late!!!! Did you make all of those delicious items???? True artistry! I love the caramel cage…plus that chocolate cake with a glacage? looks like heaven on earth!!! Panna cotta and semifreddo are terms and desserts I’ve seen on Chopped. Are they tasty? What is glacage? That is a beautiful chocolate rose!

    • says

      I did! Aw thanks, Gloria. I did have help with that caramel cage and the Valentine’s cake though! Glacage is basically chocolate and butter heated together and poured over the cake to make a shiny chocolatey glaze. Yum! Semifreddo is one of my faves- it tastes like an super creamy ice cream mixed with whipped cream. It means semi frozen! Panna cotta is unique- sort of like flan. But tasty as well!

  3. Susan says

    Just one word: Fabulous. Now I need to go check my kitchen to see if any of these are hiding in my refrigerator…