Top 10 Latkes Tips

top 10 latkes tips

My top 10 tips for the crispiest, best latkes ever! On the surface, potato latkes are a simple dish. Potatoes, onions, eggs, flour or matzo meal. A little salt and pepper. Fry. What could go ...

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Deep Fried Rugelach and the Last Hanukkah Giveaway :(

Deep Fried Rugelach

It's deep fried rugelach! What could be better for Hanukkah?? Or any Tuesday. I'll repeat that. Deep. Fried. Rugelach. Plus, a Hanukkah menu idea and a giveaway! Oh no she didn't! Yes. Yes I ...

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Mexican Chocolate Latkes with Cinnamon Whipped Cream and Wayfair Hanukkah!

Mexican Chocolate Latkes

Can latkes be a dessert? Is the Pope Catholic? Err I mean is Andy Cohen Jewish? What I'm trying to say is yes! Mexican Chocolate Latkes are here. I don't really have much of a sweet tooth. For ...

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