Roasted Red Pepper and Arugula Flatbread Matzo Pizza and Cranberry Quinoa Stuffed Zucchini

matzah arugula pizza

Photo credit: Joy or Kosher and Temp Tee Whipped Cream Cheese A few weeks ago, one of my favorite Austin bloggers told some of her secrets, and encouraged readers to do the same. She bravely shared … [Read more...]

Heart Shaped Cherry & White Chocolate Hamantaschen

Heart Shaped White Chocolate Cherry Hamantaschen

Readers often ask me: "Amy, where do you come up with these crazy ideas?" (Well, I'm a freaking genius.) The truth is, I often get inspiration from friends, such as when my friend Mindy offered up … [Read more...]

Coconut Latkes with Cranberry Applesauce & Cardamom Mascarpone

Coconut Latkes with Cranberry Applesauce and Cardamom Cream

So it's no secret I like latkes. Mexican Potato Latkes. Potato Latke Eggs Benedict. Sweet Potato Latkes. Gimme, gimme, gimme! But what's not to like, really, about a Jewish hash brown? And now … [Read more...]