Book Review: Hot Mamalah

hot mamalah

A few weeks back I was sent the book Hot Mamalah (Andrews McMeel, $18.99) to peruse and review with y’all! I’ll start off by saying the book, written as “the ultimate guide for every woman of the tribe” is pink and covered in glitter. Sold! Author Lisa Alcalay Klug intersperses witty essays with cocktail recipes (and drinking dreidel!), yiddish-isms, famous inspirational mamalahs and more in this homage to all things Jewish kitch. She starts off the introduction with a few words to live by: “Never pay retail, marry a mensch, and as you shrink, wear bigger hair”. Exactly.

So what can you expect out of Hot Mamalah? Picture one of those huge leopard print shoe chairs personified. Well, not personified exactly since it’s still a book. But you get the idea. One of my favorite sections is the ode to Jewish theme partys. I LOVE a good theme party and plan to steal her “Vodkas and Latkes” party for Hanukkah 2013 for sure. Maybe even create a Vodka Latke (eh? too much?). The gift guide is also on point- besides He’Brew and Orthodox Chews, Klug offers up fun suggestions like gourmet gelt or Jewish Zodiac tchotchkes. Hint, hint my birthday is next week! Hot Mamalah is total kitch and cheesiness but is the perfect gift for the friend in your life that is a kvetching, boozing, Neiman Marcus bargain hunter, wannabe nagging Jewish mother (minus the kids of course). I’m sure Klug’s Bubbe is kvelling!

Any of y’all read any good books lately?




Disclosure: I received a free copy to review, but all opinions are my own. 



  1. Laripu says

    You can’t go wrong with Michael Chabon’s “The Yiddish Policemen’s Union”. It has a crazy premise, and it’s very well written. And the characters will make you alternately laugh and cry.

  2. says

    Call me a food nerd, but my current read is The Deluxe Food Lover’s Companion. Not kidding – I’m reading this thing like a novel. What a great resource! Also picking my way through “Jerusalem: A Cookbook” which is fantastic – great recipes plus lots of great narrative about the various foods and customs. Awesome.

    Hot Mamalah looks like fun!