Albion Fit $100 Giftcard Winner!

Albion Fit Giveaway

Be cool my babies! (Name that reference.) I’ll have a new food post up tomorrow, no frets! Plus a bonus post this week of my time at the Austin Food & Wine Festival, which was amazing. Thanks to KitchenAid for sending me! For now, the winner of the Albion Fit $100 giftcard. The winner is…

Number 31!

Albion Fit Giveaway

Who is…Becky Richied!Albion Fit Giveaway

Mazel tov, Becky!



  1. Kerry Hancock says

    Probably the wrong person but Morticia Addams used to say ‘be cool my babies’ to Cleopatra her carnivorous plant in The Addams family lol….