A Big, Fat WJWE Announcement

So I teased you all last week by saying that I had news to share, and yet not sharing it. That was not cool of me at all. Well your patience has paid off, as I am ready to spill.

When it comes to making small life choices I get a bit of anxiety. What to order for dinner? Too many options! What movie to see? No clue! What shoes to pair with that little black dress? Stop hounding me! It’s very stressful.

However, when it comes to big decisions, I am as decisive as they come. I visited one college, liked it, and applied early. I moved to NYC without a second thought, and then to Texas on a whim. No regrets there. I choose my friends and boyfriends with the greatest of ease- I either like you or I don’t.

I really love being a southerner, but now it’s time to pursue my passions. Which, you may or may not be able to tell is food and cooking for people. So starting next week, I will be enrolled in culinary school! Easiest decision ever (buh bye cubicleville). And I have a few side gigs too to make some dough while I’m rolling out dough (sorry I said that). I will be a recipe developer and cooking demonstrator at a local supermarket, prepping food for a caterer AND I will be dabbling as a personal chef (if you or anyone is interested in having a personal chef let me know!)

I will be super busy, but I am pumped and I can’t wait to see where this takes me. Now, do you want to hear about my culinary adventures on the blog? Yay or nay? Of course I will still be cooking up plenty of Jew treats on WJWE either way. Don’t fear!

I would like to leave you all with this video. Enjoy!





  1. Bubbe says

    Mazel Tov —-My arms are flapping for you! I am so happy – love your WJWE announcement. Watch out world!!!!


  2. Halby says

    Mozel tov! So happy for you, but you already know that! Can’t wait to see what you do next! Hugs and open mouth kisses!

  3. Amanda P says

    Congrats!!! Of course we want to hear about the culinary school! I’m so proud of you for pursing your dreams and passions! Its scary at first but will be so rewarding!

  4. says

    Congrats Amy, I’m happy to see you’re following your passions! Which culinary school will you be attending?? I have to admit, the thought has crossed my mind as well, though so far I’ve not been as brave as you.

  5. Meghan says

    It’s unanimous. Please keep us posted on all your culinary adventures. Can’t wait to hear about the first day!