30+ Magical Rainbow Recipes!

Do you like rainbows? They sure are magical, eh? Here are 25 Rainbow Recipes perfect for Shavuot, Gay Pride, St. Paddy’s, Birthday Parties or a random Tuesday.

rainbow recipes

Wheeeee! Is there anything more magical than a rainbow? Definitely not! Now, before I get bombarded with emails claiming food coloring is the equivalent of meth and is pretty much the devil, let me assure you that I’d rather live a life with unnatural colorful food and “edible” glitter than without. But you do what you like.

Shavuot is coming up, which is a pretty big deal. It’s all about getting the Torah and its comandments, without which we would have no idea not to steal from others. When the chosen people received the Commandments, a rainbow appeared, and rainbows are supposed to be a sign of this covenant. Good enough for me!

But you seriously don’t need an excuse for rainbows. I almost chose rainbows and unicorns as my last birthday theme, but at the last moment went classy with a jarty. (AKA jeans party. Think denim on denim on denim. As a reminder, I live in Texas and this is totally normal attire.) But why not cook up rainbow pretzel sticks for Gay Pride or rainbow cookies for St. Paddy’s or a rainbow cake for the 30th 3rd birthday of someone special! Here are 30 rainbow recipes in a quasi particular order.

Sweet Recipes

Rainbow Hamantaschen by Kitchen Tested

Sweet and Salty Rainbow Popcorn by Frugal Foodie Mama

Fruity Cheesecake with a Sugar Cookie Crust by Chelsea’s Messy Apron

Rainbow Cupcakes by Around My Family Table

7 Layer Rainbow Cookies by Little Ferraro Kitchen

Rainbow Jell-O Cubes by Mom on Timeout

Rainbow Pretzel Sticks by Frosting and a Smile

Rainbow Cake Roll by Wine and Glue

Rainbow Cupcakes by Busy in Brooklyn

Bombebasticks Ice Cream Drumsticks by Kitchen Tested

Rainbow Painted Sugar Cookies by Snappy Gourmet

Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies by Mom on Timeout

Rainbow Heart Cakes by Wine and Glue

Rainbow Tie Dyed Sugar Cookies by Dine and Dash

Rainbows Cake in a Jar by Off the Meat Hook

Rainbow Sugar Cookie Bark by Mom on Timeout

Rainbow Layer Birthday Cake by Kitchen Tested

Rainbow Fruit Pizza by Wine and Glue

I Heart Rainbows Cake by The Cake Blog

Rainbow Jell-O Cups by Yummy, Healthy, Easy

Rainbow Jell-O Shots by Jelly Shot Test Kitchen

Unicorn Poop! 

Rainbow Sprinkles

Savory Recipes

Rainbow Bagels by What Jew Wanna Eat

Color Wheel Quinoa Salad by The View From Great Island

Rainbow Challah Bread by What Jew Wanna Eat

Rainbow Hasselbeck Potatoes by The Cupcake Project

Rainbow Cobb Salad by Busy in Brooklyn

Rainbow Cream Cheese Sandwich Bites

Rainbow Pasta

Rainbow Sandwich Loaf

Rainbow Pizza



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